Tamagotchi and BAPE Join Forces in a Unique Collaboration

When Tamgatochi first launched, it felt like a heaven-sent gift.

I am no longer stuck with playing the aimless game of Snake on the old Nokia phone, or any other pointless games for that matter.

I have fond memories of grasping that petite yet adorable device in my hands while taking care of a virtual pet.

After all, I was not allowed a real one, so had to make do with a digital one. And to be modest, I had just a handful of Tamagotchis.

Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE) is venturing into the world of nostalgic tech with its latest collaboration with Bandai’s classic virtual pet brand, Tamagotchi.

This partnership sees the launch of co-branded products that bridge the realms of fashion and vintage gaming.

So imagine my surprise when chancing upon the collaboration of Tamagotchi and BAPE.

Will I get my hands on these unique collab merchandise? Tempted, yes.

The limited-edition Tamagotchi devices maintain their iconic egg-shaped design while incorporating BAPE’s signature Ape iconography and camouflage patterns.

These digital pets can be fed, trained, and played with, offering a nostalgic yet stylish gaming experience.

And this brings back the good old days of feeding my pets (meticulously and hoping I do not overfeed them).

In addition to the gaming devices, the collaboration extends to a line of apparel featuring a fusion of both brands’ imagery, comprising three t-shirts and a hoodie.

The Tamagotchi gaming devices and apparel collection will be available on 14 October through BAPE’s stores and official website, as well as on Bandai Premium’s webstore starting 15 October.

The Tamagotchi brand, which gained international popularity in the late ’90s, has a history of successful collaborations, including ventures with fashion brands like Supreme and anime series such as “Neon Genesis Evangelion.”

Meanwhile, BAPE, founded in the early 90s, is known for its diverse collaborations, with an upcoming partnership with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) on the horizon, promising unique fashion offerings for NFT enthusiasts.

With all these upcoming partnerships, I cannot help but get a tad excited. If you want a splash of nostalgia and a dash of freshness, you can take a look at BAPE x Tamagotchi’s when they come out!

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