Stephen Chow’s Moonbox Anticipates App Launch as Early as January

Moonbox App Set to Debut in January

Insiders close to Stephen Chow’s team reveal that Moonbox, his Web3 startup, is gearing up for the January launch of the Moonbox App. The app, set to be freely accessible to users, has undergone extensive development, with a unique focus on NFT interactions powered by AI.


Screenshot of Moonbox Website

NFT Gameplay Redefined with AI and NFT Chat Interaction

Moonbox’s team has delved into innovative NFT gameplay, incorporating AI and NFT chat interactions. Users can expect a fresh and interactive experience that merges the worlds of artificial intelligence and non-fungible tokens.

Stephen Chow as Moonbox First Creator

Stephen Chow is set to debut on Moonbox as the First Creator, bringing his creative prowess to the Web3 space. Additionally, the release of the Nobody NFT new collection, co-created by Chow, will offer users the chance to engage with characters, exploring their personalities, hobbies, and background stories through in-app interactions.

A Strategic Move into Web3 by Stephen Chow

Back in August, Stephen Chow publicly announced his foray into Web3 and AI, immediately engaging with OKX. The partnership materialised with a significant investment of $1 million from OKX Ventures into Moonbox, marking Chow’s strategic entry into the evolving Web3 landscape.

Nobody NFT Series Preheated through MC Jin’s Music Video

Singer MC Jin’s recent music video for the song “Nobody” has not only featured Stephen Chow but also prominently displayed the Moonbox brand logo. Insiders reveal that the release of “Nobody” serves as a prelude to the launch of the NFT series Nobody, created by MC Jin in collaboration with Stephen Chow.

Chris Chan on Stephen Chow’s Vision for Nobody

Responding to queries, Stephen Chow’s manager, Chris Chan, emphasised Chow’s initial vision for Nobody. He aimed to create a Web3-native IP, bringing his storytelling expertise to the forefront of the Web3 industry. Nobody, the upcoming NFT series from Moonbox, draws inspiration from Chow’s representative spirit: rising from humble beginnings to achieve significant accomplishments.

In conclusion, Moonbox’s imminent launch of the App, coupled with the Nobody NFT series, showcases Stephen Chow’s commitment to reshaping Web3 narratives and creating engaging user experiences.

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