Square Enix Joins NFT Arena with Exclusive Collection

Gaming giant Square Enix has embarked on a journey that merges gaming with the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

They have unveiled their inaugural global digital art endeavour, named SYMBIOGENESIS.

Commencing today, Square Enix is initiating its Chapter 1 allowlist entry campaign, granting enthusiasts the opportunity to mint exclusive digital collectibles at no cost.

To participate, fans must join the official SYMBIOGENESIS Discord server, where they can engage in a variety of activities to secure a place on the coveted allowlist.

The campaign concludes on 21 November.

This campaign introduces a point-based system to determine who among the players will have the privilege of minting one of the 500 meticulously designed characters.

These characters are not meant for public minting, making the allowlist the exclusive gateway to acquire them.

In a bid to intensify fan engagement, Square Enix has designed performance-based activities on Discord, enabling players to accumulate points that unlock access to subsequent chapters’ allowlists.

Additionally, they have incorporated treasure hunts that reward digital relics, which can be converted into campaign points.

The minting process encompasses three phases.

The “Stakeholder” phase provides early access to those closely affiliated with SYMBIOGENESIS.

The “Priority for Top-Ranking Players” phase extends an opportunity to top-scoring participants and randomly selected players from the broader pool to mint characters without incurring any cost.

The final phase opens to all campaign entrants, and there is no limit on the number of characters that can be minted per wallet, broadening the opportunity for a wider audience to participate.

SYMBIOGENESIS is set to make its debut in December 2023, and it will be compatible with the Ethereum and Polygon chains, accessible through Google Chrome and MetaMask wallets.

It will be available in both English and Japanese, ensuring accessibility to a diverse global audience.

This initiative exemplifies Square Enix’s innovative approach to gaming and digital art, further building upon its successful legacy of iconic franchises such as FINAL FANTASY® and DRAGON QUEST®.

Through this project, Square Enix is not merely expanding its entertainment offerings but also solidifying its presence in the flourishing realm of digital collectibles.

The company’s president Yosuke Matsuda’s commitment to blockchain entertainment aligns with the industry’s broader recognition of blockchain’s potential, which garnered substantial attention in the preceding year.

This assertive investment strategy aligns with the company’s steadily increasing net sales from mobile and PC games, demonstrating a robust interest in digital entertainment avenues.

The upward trend in digital game sales, consistent since the third quarter of 2020, reinforces Square Enix’s rationale for enhancing its digital sales portfolio through blockchain and NFTs.

Source: Square Enix

As part of its blockchain expansion, Square Enix is considering establishing an overseas subsidiary dedicated to token issuance, management, and game publishing in crypto-forward countries.

Furthermore, they are exploring ventures such as a Corporate Venture Capital division, NFT-exclusive products, a specialized NFT brand, and new intellectual properties rooted in blockchain technology.

These strategic steps are exploratory but represent a central element of Square Enix’s medium-term business strategy, building upon the successes of digital initiatives such as the mobile game “Shi‐San‐Sei Million Arthur” and their upcoming blockchain-integrated second season.

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