Split Finance: automated arbitrage DEX aggregator

Split Finance

We are pleased to announce the launch of Split Protocol, a DEX aggregator with pro tools, limit orders and automated arbitrage capabilities. In this article, we will discuss how it will help further unlock DeFi’s potential and make life easier for users.

Future of Finance?

When new users enter the market, they are met with:

  • Lots of new dApps;
  • Complex UX and interfaces;
  • Many unrelated chains and bridges;
  • MEV and The Dark Forest.

Centralized exchanges offer user-friendly interfaces and deep liquidity, but users often face access restrictions, outages, the requirement to pass KYC and large slippages in times of high market volatility, often resulting in major liquidations.

Decentralized exchanges operate without interruptions or restrictions and do not have access to funds, but ordinary users have to deal with usability issues such as:

  • Gas fees increase with each iteration required to reach the final goal — sending a transaction;
  • Most exchanges allow you to exchange tokens on the spot, but do not offer limit orders;
  • Trading on multiple networks requires switching interfaces, wallets or RPCs, this often takes time and basic expertise;
  • Cross-chain transfers require gas tokens on each network and are limited to assets supported by a certain bridge.

Enter Split Protocol

Innovative solutions are needed to make DeFi easier and more profitable to use. This is why, in designing the protocol, we focused on simplifying the interaction as much as possible.

However, our main focus was democratizing the access to arbitrage, a market currently populated by shadowy super coders who do not share their profits with anyone.
After months of building arbitrage bots for ourselves, we saw this great market injustice and started working on a solutionIn our opinion, the profits from arbitrage opportunities should be received by those who create them, namely, the users.

To provide such an opportunity, we came up with a multi-chain arbitrage DEX aggregator, and are now ready to present our game changing solution.

Split Finance: automated arbitrage DEX aggregator

In addition to the obvious benefits of higher capital efficiency and simple UX, our approach also solves larger problems:

  • Over time, there will be fewer junk transactions in the blockchain, which will also reduce fees and increase throughput;
  • Profits from arbitrage will often outweigh the cost of gas, making trading not only enjoyable, but also more profitable;

Key features:

  • Gasless trading. Network commission is covered by a “cashback” from arbitrage in any coin;
  • Pro tools. Limit orders, take profit and floating stop loss, only one transaction is required to set all types of orders;
  • Omni-chain. Split works in all major EVM networks and allows you to cross-chain swap between any pair of assets in one transaction;
  • Copy trades. Choose a trader or a bot with the best strategy and instantly copy their tradesDevelopers can also share their bots, income will be accrued from arbitrage profits of strategy followers.
  • MEV protection. Split RPC prevents MEV attacks in all networks, while extracting arbitrage profits from DEX trades.

Launch details

For security and reliability reasons, Split will launch in several stages.

  1. Source stage
    We are in the final stage of testing our contracts, and they will be shared in the coming weeks.
  2. Open beta stage
    At this stage, all functions of the protocol will work and generate profits, first users will be invited to test the protocol. We also plan to audit the contracts and fine-tune arbitrage strategies.
  3. Funding stage
    After receiving audit reports and beta results, a series of token sales will be conducted to provide initial liquidity for DEXes.
  4. Liquidity stage
    After concluding the token sale, the funds raised will be used to supply liquidity for our token.

The protocol will be launched at the few weeks and we hope you will share this pie with us.

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