South Korea's Samsung and Naver Representatives to Attend Global AI Safety Summit

Global AI Summit

South Korea has announced its participation in an upcoming international AI safety summit in Britain, with representatives from the government, Samsung Electronics Co., and Naver Corp set to attend.

According to a post on his Facebook page, Ha Jung-woo, the leader of the Naver Cloud Innovation Center, alongside Science and ICT Minister Lee Jong-ho and Cheun Kyung-whoon, the chief technology officer of Samsung Electronics' Device eXperience Division and president of Samsung Research, have been invited by the British government to the summit.

The event, scheduled on early November, has garnered attention as an essential platform for global leaders, tech executives, and AI experts to exchange insights and develop comprehensive strategies for addressing foreseeable AI risks.

Notable Attendees

Representatives from the G7 member states and prominent AI companies will join the discussion at the historical Bletchley Park, emphasising the geopolitical significance of AI safety.

Some other notable attendees include U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Demis Hassabis, CEO of Alphabet's subsidiary, DeepMind.


Their contributions are anticipated to offer authoritative insights, given their extensive experience in overseeing AI developments.

The summit represents a pivotal moment for global AI safety discussions, encompassing a range of topics from ethical considerations to technical safeguards.

It sets the stage for future international collaborations, promoting responsible and ethical AI development globally.

South Korea Tech Hub

South Korea has emerged as a hub for technological innovation and AI advancement, with notable contributions in various AI applications.

Tech giants, such as Samsung Electronics Co. and Naver Corp, have led the charge in developing cutting-edge AI technologies and fostering a robust AI ecosystem.

South Korea's advancements in areas like natural language processing, robotics, and machine learning have garnered international recognition, positioning the nation as a key player in the global AI landscape.

The participation of South Korea's representatives reinforces the country's commitment to shaping the future of AI responsibly and strategically.

As the world prepares for the future defined by AI, this summit stands as a platform for charting a balanced approach to AI integration, ensuring societal benefits while mitigating potential risks.

The participation of global leaders and industry pioneers signifies a leap forward in acknowledging and addressing the challenges associated with AI.

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