Solana Launchpad on OpenSea Is Live

Solana Launchpad on OpenSea Is Live

After triggering Solana on its NFT market, OpenSea reveals the launching of Solana Launchpad to allow end-to-end brand-new NFT minting.

On OpenSea, developers can now ‘navigate all pre-mint activity, allow list minting for their community and supporters, post-mint and secondary sales.’

“We’re excited to start this program with two Solana creators as part of our launchpad experience. We are excited to launch and learn with these first drops, and we’re committed to expanding primary drops on OpenSea,” notes OpenSea in their blog site.

The Solana Launchpad on OpenSea kicks-off with 2 drops, viz. 8,888 Zoonies from July 20, 2022, and Monkai NFTs from July 26, 2022.

Receiving a $ 13 billion assessment, OpenSea will now display Metaplex Certified Collections (MCC) plus the Solana Candy Machine programs.

But the roadway to fame for OpenSea has actually satisfied its share of bumps, too. Earlier we reported the United States Department of Justice charging a staff member at OpenSea for expert trading

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