Singapore-Based Astar Network and Startale Labs Collaborate with KDDI for Web3 Collaboration

Astar Network and Startale Labs, both Singapore-based entities, have entered into an agreement with KDDI Corporation, a Japanese telecommunications company, to explore collaboration in the Web3 domain.

The collaboration aims to advance discussions on the details and roles of this partnership, with a focus on accelerating the implementation of blockchain technology in society and creating new customer experiences in the Web3 era.

The collaboration will address several key areas, including:

  • Exploring NFTs and Web3 products to create unique customer experiences.
  • The potential applications of “Astar zkEVM powered by Polygon” within the “αU market” and “αU wallet” provided by KDDI.
  • Identifying uses and services compatible with “αU wallet.”
  • Outlining the potential for a new business that leverages token technology.

Shun Ishikawa, Director of Stake Technologies (Astar Network), highlighted the compatibility between Astar Network’s “Astar zkEVM” and KDDI Corporation’s focus on user-centric platforms and content. He mentioned that Astar zkEVM, an Ethereum layer 2 solution, offers businesses world-class tools with high user experience (UX), low fees, and fast transactions.

Sota Watanabe, CEO of Startale Labs, expressed excitement about deepening their collaboration with KDDI Corporation and leveraging Astar zkEVM to enhance Web3 initiatives, the creator economy, and various Web3-centric services. He underlined the potential for creating new businesses using Web3 technology.

Astar zkEVM, a blockchain network developed by Astar Network in partnership with Polygon Labs, combines Ethereum Layer 2 and ZK technologies. Startale Labs provides infrastructure support for Web3 services, including Astar zkEVM. The collaboration aims to expand the αU service and create new customer experiences using Web3 technology.

αU, a metaverse/Web3 service provided by KDDI, offers a range of experiences, including the metaverse, live streaming, and virtual shopping. The service bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds, catering to a new generation of users. It includes αU metaverse, αU live, αU market, αU wallet, and αU place.

The αU market is an electronic trading marketplace where users can purchase digital artworks (NFTs) and other items. It features works by famous fashion designers and renowned NFT artists, exclusively available at αU market.

αU wallet is a crypto asset wallet for managing digital artwork (NFTs) and cryptocurrency. Users can manage NFTs on various blockchains and transfer and deposit cryptocurrencies securely.

In addition to these updates, the Astar Network team has launched the Astar zkEVM testnet, known as “zKatana,” marking a significant milestone in their efforts to provide a holistic tech stack for web3. This testnet allows developers to test their ideas and confirm network functionality and gas usage, bringing them one step closer to secure and efficient web3 solutions.

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