Simpsons Satirises NFTs In Latest Episode Of Halloween Special

The iconic animated series, The Simpsons, took a satirical dive into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain in its latest Halloween special episode, “Wild Barts Can’t Be Token,” part of the Treehouse of Horror XXXIV.

In the episode, Bart accidentally becomes an NFT on the blockchain, depicting the frenzy around NFTs in Springfield. Homer, pleased with the accidental creation, joyfully discovers that the digital token of Bart is valued at $1.5 million. Marge, distressed by the situation, sets off on a quest to rescue Bart from the digital realm.

The episode unfolds with an art emphasis, portraying profile picture projects (PFPs) as bottom-tier while positioning traditional art at a level of prestige. Notably, blue-chip NFTs such as Beeple and Bored Ape Yacht Club make appearances, with references to the NFT crash of the previous year.

Marge, aided by “enlightened intellects who safeguard the crypto-verse” and assisted by Kylie Jenner, transforms into an NFT to navigate the blockchain metaverse and rescue Bart. The storyline includes a nod to the film “Snowpiercer,” portraying a train hurtling towards a dystopian future.

Despite the satire, the NFT community embraced the episode, responding with memes and creating a Springfield Punks collection that quickly gained traction, reaching almost $2.5 million in sales within 24 hours. Other Simpsons-themed NFT collections, like “SimpsPunks” and “The Chimpsons Official,” also vied for prominence on OpenSea.

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