Sharp and A42x Collaborate on User Identification System Using Blockchain Technology

A42x Ltd. has embarked on an exciting joint venture with Sharp Corporation, harnessing the authentication and authorisation infrastructure of ‘Myna Wallet‘ to pioneer a cutting-edge user identification system. This remarkable partnership leverages Sharp Corporation’s AI technology to enable user identity verification (authentication) and authorisation, granting access to specific actions based on user-owned NFTs and other data.

A42x, as a technology partner of Sharp Corporation, spearheads the creation of a user identification system. It relies on ‘Myna Wallet’s’ authentication and authorisation infrastructure, combined with Sharp’s AI capabilities. This synergistic effort aims to revolutionise how user identity is verified and authorised, particularly concerning NFT ownership.

This collaboration holds the potential to expand the horizons of AI and blockchain technology. It promises reliable user verification, facilitating secure services that utilise AI, digital currency payments, and blockchain-based authorisation. The development team is unwavering in their commitment to drive this initiative forward.


A glimpse of this joint venture’s achievements will be unveiled at the ‘SHARP Tech-Day’ event, celebrating Sharp Corporation’s 111th anniversary. The event, taking place from November 10th to 12th, 2023, at Tokyo Big Sight, will focus on innovative technologies shaping sustainable long-term growth, embodying the theme, ‘Be a Game Changer – Game-changing technologies transforming our future.’

Blockchain technology, with its secure and transparent approach, has great potential to transform industries. Additionally, blockchain combats fraud and counterfeiting, increasing consumer trust. In this case, this collaboration also extends the utility of NFTs beyond serving merely as a profile picture. With the fusion of AI and Blockchain, we can expect a more promising, more efficient and secure future. Ultimately, this could also be a potential to be adopted by across industries.

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