Sharknado Co-Creator and Snowpiercer Producer Launch New Token $FLIX to Revolutionize Indie Film

Sharknado Co-Creator and Snowpiercer Producer Launch New Token $FLIX to Revolutionize Indie Film

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Los Angeles, United States, first June, 2022, Chainwire

Veteran Hollywood filmmakers Ben Rosenblatt and Micho Rutare launch $ FLIX, an unique crypto-token, in order to transform how independent movies are funded, produced, and dispersed.

Their business American Meme will take advantage of $FLIX to raise capital for a slate of indie movies that appeal to both film and crypto lovers. A charge on each deal goes straight to a “film wallet,” and the group has actually dedicated to investing 75% of film wallet funds in production and just 25% in marketing and promotion. Profits from film sales, circulation, and licensing will be utilized to redeem $FLIX, which will make the token deflationary, in order for its relative worth to constantly boost.

In addition, token holders will get special gain access to to cast and team talks, behind-the-scenes welcomes, votes on innovative choices, premiers and celebrations, and offer input on the film slate. The creators picture a growing, robust neighborhood of crypto and film lovers who can buy indie filmmaking both economically and artistically.

“Hollywood is once again evolving and the most powerful voices can come from outside the town. The filmmaking and crypto communities are incredibly engaged and powerful. We want their help in creating the next hit movie,” states co-founder Ben Rosenblatt, a producer of Snowpiercer, Star Wars and Star Trek movies and series. “We want to foster the next great wave of popular, original independent cinema. We’re tired of corporate gatekeepers determining what movies get made. It’s time for a shift, and we think these new cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are the keys to shifting power back to the people through decentralized film finance.”

“There is limitless potential for what Web 3.0 technologies can bring to the entertainment industry,” states co-founder Micho Rutare, a veteran author, director, and innovative executive accountable for the Sharknado franchise. “We’re talking vertical, decentralized filmmaking. Our token holders help us decide what to make, help us finance projects, and get first access to all the rewards, all while holding an appreciating asset. This unlocks new forms of media distribution and more room for artistic freedom. We, collectively, can decide what gets made. That’s an incredibly exciting prospect compared to the current status quo.”

While their short-term objective is to boost awareness of the coin and their medium-term strategy is to produce movies seeded by $FLIX profits, Rosenblatt and Rutare have a long-lasting vision for the token: to end up being the critical cash for shot home entertainment deals, both in the standard theatrical organization and likewise in the metaverse. Rosenblatt and Rutare think this monetary development will develop a robust secondary profits stream for the market, liberating filmmakers from the tyranny of the business bottom line.

The $FLIX token is now live and readily available for purchase onUniswap The next model of development will utilize the preliminary funds to develop a production slate and list the token on bigger exchanges.

About $FLIX Token:

$ FLIX is a cryptocurrency for filmmakers and film enthusiasts developed to revolutionize film funding. The filmmakers’ objective is to modification how independent filmmaking is funded, produced, and dispersed through new crypto and Web 3.0 innovations. For too long, Hollywood has actually been closed to outsiders. $FLIX champs independent film by raising capital, buying unique concepts, and leveraging blockchain deals to fund film tasks from its exclusive token.

Filmmaking and the token assistance each other by reinvesting the earnings back into the currency to fund additional tasks. Our neighborhood of token holders supports each task by voting on elements of each task. The unique technique to filmmaking turns the script on film financing, production, and circulation, sustained by new crypto and Web 3.0 development.

About Ben Rosenblatt:

Ben Rosenblatt is a producer of movies, series, and brief media. Ben acts as an Executive Producer of the TNT/Netflix series, Snowpiercer, which is now in its 4th season, and The Alienist, for which he was Emmy chosen. Ben is likewise a producer on the upcoming series Let The Right One In for Showtime and Tokyo Vice for HBO Max.Previously, Ben invested 6 years at J.J. Abrams’ production business, Bad Robot, where he assisted produce function installations of the Star Wars, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, and Cloverfield franchises.Additionally, Ben has actually co-produced independent movies Small Town Crime and Fatman, Paramount Animation’s Wonder Park, Google’s Youtube series Moon Shot, and has actually produced advertisements for Esurance, THX, and Win America Back … PAC, which Ben co-founded.Ben resides in Los Angeles where he co-runs the production businessAmerican Meme

About Micho Rutare:

Micho Rutare is a Los Angeles- based author, director, and producer. While working as head of advancement at The Asylum, Micho supervised the beginning and advancement of the Sharknado motion pictures, along with over 100 other function movies, consisting of DEAD 7, which he produced with Nick Carter ofThe Backstreet Boys Micho has actually composed, directed, and produced functions and episodic material for Syfy, Lifetime, MTV, YouTube Red,and Sony Home Entertainment Micho is a co-founder of the Win America Back … PAC and produced viral anti-Trump advertisements for the 2020 election. Micho is a Rwandan-American and a sixth-generationMichigander Micho presently resides in Los Angeles where he co-runs the production businessAmerican Meme

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