Sequence Introduces No-Code Solution for Web3 Game Development

Sequence has today introduced Sequence Builder, a no-code platform aimed at simplifying and enhancing web3 game development.

The platform offers a no-code solution, purportedly without compromising on the quality of game development.

Web3 game creation has historically presented difficulties, including suboptimal player experiences, fragmented tools, and intricate implementations.

Sequence Builder is built to address a particular pain point – eliminating the need for developers to make trade-offs between integrating web3 elements and focusing on game design.

Sequence Builder will provide developers with a unified interface for integrating various web3 components into their games.

This includes features such as invisible web3 wallets, smart contract management, digital collection launches, in-game marketplaces, transaction batching, gas sponsorship, blockchain data, node services, and player analytics.

The goal is for a seamless experience for the user, without them having the need to discern if the game were Web3 or Web2.

Sequence’s introduction of its Builder will allow developers to create fully branded and customised experiences.

They can launch custom marketplaces and journeys aligned with the game’s aesthetic and ecosystem in a matter of minutes.

Tasks such as managing digital collections, distributing community rewards, and enforcing royalties and fees are streamlined with user-friendly interfaces.

By eliminating the involvement of third-party entities, Sequence Builder aims to expedite the development process and improve community engagement and loyalty.

The platform is compatible with all EVM chains, subnets, and app chains, providing support for Unity, Unreal Engine, mobile, and web platforms.

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