Scroll’s Usage and Adoption Surge to New Highs

Daily Transactions Hit 200,000

On October 29th, Scroll processed over 200,000 transactions in a single day for the first time. This represents a major milestone and a new daily transaction volume record for the network.

The previous high was around 150,000 transactions per day in mid-October. The latest figure demonstrates a huge uptick in activity on Scroll in recent weeks.

New Addresses Spike to 87,000

In addition to the transaction record, Scroll also registered 87,000 new addresses on October 29th. This suggests that many new users are joining Scroll amid the rewards promotion.

Adding tens of thousands of new users per day indicates Scroll is rapidly expanding its user base thanks to incentives designed to drive adoption.

TVL Tops $25 Million

Scroll’s total value locked (TVL), which measures the overall value deposited in DeFi protocols, has also skyrocketed recently.

TVL surpassed $25 million this week, rising 72.4% in seven days. This places Scroll’s TVL well above Arbitrum Nova’s, making it the second-largest Layer 2 by TVL after Optimism.

The influx of capital illustrates investors are gaining confidence in Scroll’s technology and earning potential.

Outlook for Scroll

Scroll’s various adoption metrics reaching all-time highs demonstrates that its current growth strategy is working. If the network can continue attracting users and activity at this pace, it has potential to establish itself as a leading layer 2 solution under Ethereum.

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