SC Ventures’ Libeara Launches Tokenisation Platform for Singapore-Dollar Government Bonds

SC Ventures, part of Standard Chartered’s innovation and fintech investment division, is changing the game with Libeara, a platform designed to bring investment opportunities within reach for everyone.

Teaming up with FundBridge Capital and regulated by MAS, Libeara is set to launch a tokenised Singapore-Dollar Government Bond Fund. This move aims to make investing more straightforward for accredited investors, with Vistra taking on a pivotal role as the fund administrator.

Libeara is set to revolutionise the onboarding, subscription, and redemption processes for investors in this tokenised fund. Picture the units of this fund represented as digital tokens on a high-tech platform – a game-changer for traditional government bond funds.

According to Aaron Gwak, Libeara’s CEO, this venture is a first-of-its-kind, offering a tokenised format for a Singapore Dollar Government Bond Fund. Accuracy in representing each token as a fund unit is a key focus, ensuring a solid foundation for FundBridge.

Originating from SC Ventures and based in Singapore, Libeara uses Decentralised Ledger Technology to provide an easy way for customers to issue security tokens. Sue Lynn Lim, CEO and COO of FundBridge Capital, sees the partnership as a gateway to more investment opportunities, thanks to reduced costs and increased transparency.

Libeara’s platform simplifies the complex world of investments with three main applications:

  1. A tokenisation service for regulated fund partners to issue tokens directly to investors.
  2. Token-native government bonds, enabling central banks and treasuries to issue tokenised bonds to investors.
  3. A general-purpose security token platform for various real-world assets.

Libeara assures customers of ownership through a public blockchain ledger, ensuring unchangeable and verifiable claims over investments. This commitment to security is a step towards building trust in the world of tokenised assets.

To strengthen its platform, Libeara has joined forces with industry leaders like Fireblocks, Fazz via StraitsX, Chainalysis, Chekk, and Letsbloom. These partnerships cover digital asset infrastructure, stablecoin and fiat conversion, onchain AML capabilities, KYC and KYB solutions, and secure cloud deployments.

Alex Manson of SC Ventures is excited about the future, anticipating that tokenization will democratise access to various asset classes. Libeara’s user-friendly approach marks a significant leap towards a more inclusive and efficient investment landscape.

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