São Paulo FC Innovates Football Experience with NFT Tickets

São Paulo Football Club is breaking new ground by introducing NFT tickets for their upcoming clash with Flamengo on December 6th. The pioneering move utilises the Smart Ticket system, a blockchain-based innovation emerging from the club’s tech hub, challenging the conventions of traditional ticketing.

In a recent EXAME interview, the creators of Smart Ticket unveiled that as of Tuesday, 28, 40 tokenized tickets would be accessible via São Paulo’s app. Prices span three tiers, ranging from R$ 200 ($41) to R$ 400 ($82). Beyond granting entry to Morumbi Stadium, purchasers can anticipate an array of tangible and digital experiences. These include witnessing a trophy’s 3D printing, participating in a VR celebratory mural, receiving physical collectibles, an NFT, and even a chance to win a player-signed club shirt.

The brainchild of Sportheca, TresPontoZero.io, and goBlockchain, Smart Ticket, a product of Inova.São Open Innovation Center, promises enhanced security and transparency in ticket distribution. According to Paulo Martinez of TresPontoZero.io, while blockchain doesn’t single-handedly solve ticket resale issues, its secure and transparent nature significantly assists in mitigating problems like scalping.

Martinez envisions Smart Ticket going beyond the standard entry-pass mentality. He foresees a system where tickets become memorabilia, extending experiences through blockchain and NFTs. Marcelo Nicolau of Sportheca underscores the NFT ticket as a unique key, unlocking exclusive physical and digital experiences for the holder. Secure resale and secondary revenue generation for the club are additional benefits of tokenized tickets.

This move aligns with the ‘Loyalty 3.0’ trend, utilising Web3 resources to boost customer loyalty and offer novel experiences. Martinez notes that tokenized tickets enable ongoing engagement, rewarding loyal fans with privileges. The initial phase involves testing with a select premium audience to materialise an amplified experience. The team is exploring integrating emerging technologies with football, potentially creating a scalable product for diverse fan niches in the medium to long term.

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