RocketFuel Partners with Ripple, Offers New Products To Facilitate Global Payments

Global payments processor RocketFuel, Inc. has partnered with blockchain solutions provider Ripple.

The collaboration aims to integrate Ripple’s payment technology into RocketFuel’s existing transactional infrastructure, specifically enhancing fiat currency transfers for global merchants.

As part of this collaboration, RocketFuel’s suite, incorporating Ripple’s tech, introduces “Rocketfuel Pay-In Commerce” for online and offline crypto and ACH payments.

Other products from this collaboration are “Rocketfuel Mass Pay-Out” – which enables global bulk payments, and “Rocketfuel Cross border B2B” – which facilitates large-scale cross-border transactions via blockchain and stablecoin technologies.

This collaboration purportedly opens new sales channels and revenue streams, offering a suite of services covering pay-ins, payouts, B2B cross-border payments, and invoicing for merchants.

Peter Jensen, CEO of RocketFuel, said:

“By leveraging the power of Ripple’s cutting-edge payment solutions, we are able to revolutionize the way businesses transact by creating better, faster, and cheaper payment experiences for our merchants and partners worldwide.”

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