R. Kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Agrees Bitcoin in Investment Mix

“Kiyosaki’s proposed investment blend challenges traditional financial norms, offering an alternative route in uncertain times.”

Robert Kiyosaki, the author known for his financial wisdom in ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ has cautioned against traditional investment strategies.

He posted his views on X, previously known as Twitter.

Kiyosaki’s advice counters the conventional investment wisdom of a 60/40 stock-bond split.

“Rather than sinking with this strategy, think about switching to 75% Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and 25% in real estate or oil stocks”

He argues that this diversification could be your lifebuoy in what he calls ‘the greatest financial crash in history.’

After a strong showing till July, stock markets have taken a dip.

Global events like the Israel-Hamas conflict have further dampened investor enthusiasm.

On the flip side, gold appears to be rising, drawing on its status as a safe asset.

Peter Schiff, another strong advocate for gold, opined that the metal’s price might stay above the $2,000 mark for good.

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The SEC is considering greenlighting a crypto-related exchange-traded fund.

If it does, Bitcoin could soar, at least for a short period.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve’s actions continue to loom large over the financial landscape.

They’ve been increasing interest rates since March last year, with inflation staying obstinately high.

This leaves the Fed with little room to ease off, raising concerns about the longer-term impact on consumer spending and employment, which have so far been quite resilient.

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Kiyosaki suggests getting into a more versatile vehicle for a smoother ride in these turbulent financial times.

It’s a bold call to label those adhering to traditional investment wisdom as the “biggest losers.” Kiyosaki’s shift to a blend of gold, silver, Bitcoin, real estate, and oil stocks suggests a full-on bearish stance on traditional markets.

While diversification is the spice of a financial life, this is more like replacing salt and pepper with ghost peppers. But heed caution; this mix isn’t for the faint-hearted or those without a well-researched strategy.

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