Pudgy Penguins Expands into Online Gaming with “Pudgy World”

Pudgy Penguins, the NFT project featuring chubby flightless Antarctic creatures, has unveiled plans to venture into the online gaming industry with a new interactive digital playground called “Pudgy World.” This development was announced by Pudgy Penguins CEO Luca Netz during the Art Basel convention in Miami. The move follows the successful introduction of tangible toys associated with the NFT brand.

“Pudgy World” is set to be an immersive Web3 game powered by the Ethereum Layer 2 network zkSync Era. The alpha version is expected to launch before April 2024, providing players, including NFT holders and toy owners, with both narrative-driven and open-ended gameplay options. Netz expressed excitement about the opportunity for Pudgy Penguin fans to elevate their interaction with the characters through this virtual platform.

Alpha Access and Perks

While Pudgy World’s alpha will be open to all gamers, exclusive perks will be available for Pudgy NFT holders and toy buyers. The company promises royalties for NFT holders from products related to the game’s ecosystem, encouraging engagement within the Pudgy Penguins community. Notably, the project’s original founders were ousted after failing to fulfil promises related to a proposed metaverse game.

Pudgy Penguins selected the Ethereum Layer 2 network zkSync Era for Pudgy World due to its distinction as the first zkEVM and the fastest proof system capable of scaling Ethereum to accommodate a large user base. The company believes zkSync will contribute to the success of Pudgy World and the introduction of blockchain technology to the next generation of mobile gamers.

Growth and Challenges

The Pudgy Penguins NFT collection, launched in July 2021, quickly gained popularity, selling out within minutes. The collection has since grown to 8,888 NFTs held by over 4,000 individuals, with a floor price of approximately $27,000. Despite initial internal challenges and management changes, Pudgy Penguins rebounded and achieved significant success, including the recent distribution of toys in 2,000 Walmart stores.

Pudgy World Features

Each Pudgy Penguins toy will come with a scannable code containing a birth certificate for a digital “Forever Pudgy,” a unique character residing within Pudgy World. Players can explore this virtual world with customizable characters and will encounter the brand’s first “Hero Characters,” Pudgy and Peaches.

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