Pressure Mounts as Crypto Community Demands Elon Musk to Axe Fake Satoshi X Account

Pressure Mounts as Crypto Community Demands Elon Musk to Axe Fake Satoshi X Account

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Is that a real name or it is just pseudonymous? It might be one person or a group of people.

The identity of Bitcoin’s (BTC) enigmatic creator as well as the author of its whitepaper, remains elusive to this day with some figures stepping up to claim this persona while others denied it instead.

From a quick browse online, I found that one of the more aggressive stances comes from Craig Wright, founder and Chieft Scientist at nChain Group, who asserts that he is Satoshi Nakamoto despite most of the cryptocurrency community either rejecting or remaining highly sceptical of his claim.

Of course it is of no surprise that many in the crypto community would have heard of his name by now; me included.

His Closest Supporters Have Had Enough

Christen Ager-Hanssen, who recently held the position of Group CEO at nChain Global, has caused a significant stir with his public departure announcement.

His statements have not only exposed internal tensions within nChain but have also cast serious doubts on Craig’s claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto.

This revelation takes on added significance with the release of an email attributed to Calvin Ayre, a staunch supporter of Craig’s endeavours.

In the email, Calvin appears to express deep-seated scepticism and dissatisfaction with Craig’s ongoing legal battles and the authenticity of his assertions.

Critics within the Bitcoin community have consistently called upon Craig to provide proof of his identity by signing a transaction involving Satoshi Nakamoto’s BTC holdings.

Despite repeated requests, he has not complied, even within various legal proceedings.

Now, it appears that Calvin, a significant supporter, has also reached a breaking point.

In Calvin’s view, the COPA court case may be jeopardised if Craig does not sign the Bitcoin associated with Satoshi Nakamoto’s mining.

I feel that for things to come to such a point, it seems Craig risks losing not only his last major supporter but potentially one of the most substantial sources of funding for his legal efforts.

Elon Musk Under Pressure To Remove A Profile Claiming To Be Satoshi Nakamoto On X

A recent post on X (formerly Twitter) has garnered support from the cryptocurrency community, urging owner Elon Musk to take action against a profile claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

On 3 October, a user named Pledditor posted on X, advocating for the removal of both the Satoshi claimant’s account and the account with the handle “Bitcoin” due to their violation of the platform’s terms of service, which expressly forbids “misleading and deceptive” identities.

It has come to light that the Satoshi X account is purportedly managed by a user named Andy Rowe, who asserted their role in curating “quotes” for the Satoshi account as far back as 2 July 2018.

Pledditor’s post has sparked a groundswell of support within the crypto community, with many labelling the account as “embarrassing” and advocating for immediate action.

Some users have previously attempted to contact platform administrators regarding these accounts but claim to have been met with silence.

Others have called for the accounts to be disabled, drawing parallels to X’s response to the “@internet” handle in the past.

In the wee hours of this morning, the purportedly fake account of Satoshi put up yet another post.

The question remains: Will Elon Musk heed the call to address this issue?

Whether or not Elon will concur and remove this so-called fraudulent account, does not matter.

I think it is unlikely we will ever find out the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

It could very well be the person sitting right next to you!

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