Planet Mission & Immutable X Launch the World’s First, Community Friendly, NFT Planet Sale

PlanetQuest & Immutable X Launch the World’s First, Community Friendly, NFT Planet Sale

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In a significantly various technique to managing an NFT sale, Planet Mission, has actually simply released its community friendly Planet Sale at The Cinematic Multiverse and Blockchain Game, backed by Hollywood and Gaming skill, leading tier financiers and a community of over 215.000 Explorers, is pioneering an entire brand-new sales technique that assures to get rid of gas wars, aggravation and front running bots, while guaranteeing their very first, real-time 3D Planet NFTs wind up in the hands of deserving purchasers and community members.

After coming out of stealth on the 15th of December of 2021, Planet Mission had actually currently developed an enormous fanbase. With its interactive story, that saw community members voting to choose the fate of cherished characters, surrounding the end of its first season, an ancient artifact, called The Cradle, has actually been found and triggered, opening wormholes to uncharted galaxies, and setting the phase for the next stage of the Planet Mission journey: The Community Planet Sale.

In this sale, community members will have the ability to purchase not simply deeds to a piece of land, however whole worlds, each of which totally special, that can be seen from orbit completely 3D, right in the internet browser. Making this one of the first, immediately available, real-time 3D NFTs ever offered.

A brand-new technique to NFT sales

With need going beyond supply by a big margin, first come, first serve NFT sales have actually caused huge gas wars, stopped working and hung deals, aggravation and crashing sites, in addition to front-running bots getting their hands on NFTs meant for community members.

Instead, Planet Mission has actually partnered with Immutable X to arrange a Community Sale, providing interested celebrations lots of time to choose which worlds they want to purchase and send their application on the Planet Mission site After the application duration closes, all entries will be ranked and worlds will be set aside to the most deserving entries, with Immutable X supplying gas-less purchases.

“Since coming out of stealth, PlanetQuest has become an instant hit with the IMX community, leaving quite a few of our own team members addicted to its concept and storyline, and eagerly awaiting touching down on the first planets. We’re thrilled to see that, in part thanks to our technology, PlanetQuest is able to execute on its vision for a bot-less, gas-less, community friendly, Planet Sale.”

– Robbie Ferguson, Co- creator of Immutable X

Boosting your possibilities

For those aiming to get their hands on a planet, there’s 3 methods to improve your ranking:

  1. Joining the community and making points on your Explorer Passport.
  2. Holding Planet Mission Insignia NFTs, which are presently being traded on IMX.
  3. Writing an excellent inspiration as part of the application procedure.

All of these opportunities will be open up until the 7th of June, permitting both existing members of the community and brand-new fans to improve their possibilities of capturing one, or perhaps a number of worlds.

Ready for a sneak peek?

Although every planet offered will be absolutely various, example sneak peeks of the varying planet tiers, from Common, all the method to Legendary, are now survive on the Planet Mission site, permitting would-be-buyers the chance to get a look of what they remain in for. With surface area level visuals of the first worlds anticipated to go reside in Q3 of this year, purchasers no doubt have much more spectacular visuals to anticipate.

More than a collectible

Naturally, the worlds are far more than simply a beautiful 3D collectible, with gamers of the free-to-play video game requiring a house planet to play the video game, planet owners will rather actually hold the secrets to the Planet Mission universe. Access to greater tier worlds will remain in especially high need as they supply gamers with extra rewards permitting them and the planet’s owners to make extra Quantum or

$ PQX, Planet Mission’s token and in-game currency, which is anticipated to go public later on this year, prior to the video game goes into Early Access in Q1 of 2023.

Once opened, Early Access will see gamers coordinate with their buddies to venture out onto these uncharted worlds, taking on versus harmful wildlife or even worse yet, gamers of opposing factions, in their look for effective equipment, important quantum and incredibly unusual, planet modifying artifacts.

New to the universe?

For those who didn’t find Planet Mission yet, there might be a lot to capture up on, as the huge community driven Cinematic Universe has actually been moving at rather the speed with brand-new story drops, employee interviews and planet exposes happening on a weekly basis. The community has, nevertheless, done a lot to assist brand-new members, even presuming regarding launch an exceptionally in-depth wiki at in addition to a Planet Mission motivated paper called The Quantum Chronicles.

Immutable X reward swimming pool

To commemorate this very first NFT Planet Sale, Immutable X has actually supplied a community reward swimming pool of 20.000 IMX tokens. Each legitimate application, even those that do not rank high sufficient to be granted worlds, will be participated in a raffle to win different rewards in the kind of IMX tokens, from smaller sized rewards of 100-1,000 IMX to the grand reward of 10,000 IMX.

For a possibility at owning among the first real-time 3D Planet NFTs, in addition to chance at IMX token rewards, potential planet owners can send their Planet Sale application at

About Planet Mission

Planet Mission is a cinematic multiverse and free-to-play blockchain video game that, for the very first time, provides gamers the chance to own whole worlds. Built by a worldwide group with a shared history in video games, Hollywood and procedural innovation, the video game assures a multiplayer expedition and discovery experience, that has gamers touching down on foreign worlds and warding off harmful wildlife in their look for important, planet modifying artifacts. Future gamers can currently sign up with the community, at, where they can take part in the planet sale, vote on a universe modifying story and make special NFT benefits.

To discover more about Planet Mission go to:

Planet Mission social networks: Twitter, Medium

Contact: [email protected]

About Immutable X

Immutable X is the first and leading Layer 2 scaling service for NFTs to allow gas-free minting and trading, while not jeopardizing the security of the most utilized blockchain worldwide for NFTs,Ethereum The service, powered by StarkWare’s ingenious innovation, provides instantaneous trade verification, huge scalability (as much as 9,000 deals per second), and great designer and user experience.

Immutable X has actually revealed combinations with recognized markets such as OpenSea and Mintable, and is powering a few of the biggest NFT plays throughout customer apps (TikTo k), social metaverse (IMVU), video gaming (ESL Gaming, Ember Sword, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, GreenPark Sports, Illuvium, MyCryptoHeroes+), and launchpad partners (SuperFarm,Epics gg).

To discover more about Immutable go to: Immutable social networks: ConnectedIn, Twitter, Medium


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