Pizza Hut & EOWP Collaboration

Pizza Hut and Spark Foundry have clinched the esteemed title of Best Brand Experience of the Year at The Drum Awards for Metaverse. This recognition stems from their exceptional collaboration with End of the World Pizza (EOWP), delving into the Metaverse with an innovative approach.

Pizza Hut ventured into the Metaverse and Web3 domain through an inventive collaboration with EOWP. The core objective? Creating a meaningful presence while leveraging existing Web3 culture, all while engaging Web3 enthusiasts.

Rather than merely establishing a virtual Pizza Hut, the brand chose to extend its Web2 strategy into the Metaverse. Their approach focused on participating in cultural moments, enriching user experiences, and delivering practical value.

The alliance with EOWP, known for an active Discord server, engaged Twitter following, and a compelling storyline, formed the cornerstone of Pizza Hut’s strategy. Together, they embarked on developing a limited-edition NFT collection.

The collaboration bore fruit in the form of a co-branded NFT collection featuring undead delivery drivers and hover rides, fusing EOWP’s cyberpunk style with Pizza Hut’s brand essence.

Each NFT not only carried standard EOWP rewards but also boasted Pizza Hut’s additions, including free Pizza Hut for a year and participation in community challenges.

Unveiling at ComplexLand

The NFT collection made its grand debut at ComplexLand, an immersive virtual event. Pizza Hut and Complex crafted NPCs and monuments within the virtual world, breathing life into the undead drivers and vehicles.

Pizza Hut’s driver assumed the brand’s profile picture on Twitter, showcasing their inaugural NFT acquisition and solidifying their presence within the Web3 culture.

This innovative partnership surpassed expectations, garnering over 24k unique interactions, making it one of ComplexLand’s most immersive experiences.

The collaboration resonated across social media, amassing over 13.7M impressions and 315k interactions. Organic Twitter posts alone surpassed benchmarks by a significant 300%.

The activation not only drove engagement but also reinforced Pizza Hut’s strategy, seamlessly integrating into the Web3 culture.

Pizza Hut’s pioneering approach underscores its grasp of community-centric strategies in the Metaverse and Web3, culminating in a compelling and triumphant activation.

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