Pioneering Green Aviation with AI Robots

Norse Atlantic Airways is spearheading a revolutionary shift in aviation practices by incorporating AI robots into its fleet management processes.

This strategic move aims to enhance sustainability and operational efficiency, placing a particular emphasis on de-icing, glycol recycling, and streamlined technical inspections.

In the pursuit of reducing carbon emissions and operational costs, Norse Atlantic Airways has partnered with Avinxt to deploy AI robots in aircraft washing.

This innovative approach results in a 2% reduction in fuel burn, while regular engine washing further contributes to a 1.8% decrease in overall fuel consumption. T

he process also embraces rainwater storage, aligning with sustainable practices by minimizing reliance on local water supplies.

Avinxt’s AI robots bring a groundbreaking solution to the traditional challenge of aircraft de-icing.

These robots collect an impressive 90% of glycol used in the de-icing process, not only reducing costs for airlines but also making a significant environmental impact.

Ove Trøen, CEO of Avinxt, highlights the potential, stating, “Our calculations show that collecting and recycling all liquids used … can save as much as 1,800 kilos of CO2 per de-icing of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.”

Incorporating AI robots, particularly those offered by Avinxt, is set to revolutionise aircraft inspections.

These robots promise to slash inspection times by a remarkable 90%, enabling swift detection and resolution of damages.

This breakthrough could lead to repairs within hours, a stark contrast to the conventional several-week timeframe. Norse Atlantic Airways plans an initial deployment of these AI robots at Oslo Airport, with future expansion at London Gatwick.

Ove Trøen underscores the transformative potential of this technology, stating, “There is no reason why airports, airlines, the air force, and ground handlers should continue with manual, time-consuming, and expensive processes when we can do it faster, better, more environmentally friendly, and more cost-effective by using new technology.”

Norse Atlantic Airways’ investment in AI robots aligns seamlessly with the industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility, especially given the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) goal to reduce emissions by 5% by 2030.

This move positions the airline as a trailblazer, exemplifying a commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness in aviation. The integration of AI robots signifies a significant step towards greener and more efficient operations within the aviation industry.

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