‘Pegaxy’ Game Studio Mirai Labs Shifts to Avalanche? Here’s Why

Mirai Labs Integration with Avalanche and SocialFi

Mirai Labs, the brains behind the horse racing game Pegaxy, has made a significant move to Avalanche, integrating SocialFi with esports economics into blockchain gaming. This transition aims to elevate the gaming experience for guild members, supporters, and casual gamers through enhanced engagement and interaction.

Avalanche: The New Hub for Mirai Labs

The launch of Mirai Chain on an Avalanche Subnet signifies Mirai Labs’ shift towards Avalanche as a pivotal platform for Web3 game development.

This migration brings a suite of offerings including Pegaxy, Petopia, native token $PGX, Mirai ID, the Mirai App, and Mirai Pay to this blockchain network known for its superior scalability, security, and decentralisation features.

Corey Wilton’s Perspective on Avalanche

Corey Wilton, CEO of Mirai Labs, highlights Avalanche’s Subnet technology, robust developer support, and scalability as key factors propelling the network as a leading choice in Web3 gaming. Wilton’s endorsement reinforces the rationale behind Mirai Labs’ strategic move to align with Avalanche’s burgeoning momentum.

GuildTech Integration and Petopia Enhancements

Simultaneously, Mirai Labs introduced “GuildTech,” integrating SocialFi with esports economics to enrich participation and monetisation avenues for guilds, players, and their supporters within decentralised ecosystems. This integration extends to Petopia, offering diverse GuildTech features on the Mirai Chain.

Avalanche’s Gaming Ecosystem Expansion

Avalanche’s initiatives, such as Avalanche Arcad3, aimed at facilitating the transition of traditional gaming studios into Web3, have attracted successful partnerships in the gaming sphere throughout 2022 and 2023. Ed Chang, Head of Gaming at Ava Labs, expresses excitement about Mirai Labs’ integration and its potential contributions to the Avalanche gaming ecosystem.

Advancing Gaming Experience

Mirai Labs’ migration to Avalanche, coupled with the integration of SocialFi into gaming economics, marks a strategic leap towards revolutionising blockchain gaming. This alliance leverages Avalanche’s technological prowess to enhance user experience, laying the groundwork for a more immersive and interactive gaming environment.

Elevating User Experience Through Strategic Integration

The integration of Mirai Labs into Avalanche’s ecosystem, alongside the innovative GuildTech implementation, signals a pivotal step towards a more immersive and engaging gaming landscape. This strategic move underscores the potential for heightened user interaction, improved monetisation avenues, and a more dynamic gaming experience, fostering a promising future for blockchain gaming.

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