Paving the Way for Digital Collectibles Accessibility

Authentick, the brains behind Authentickator, a platform simplifying the browsing, purchase, and verification of digital collectibles without requiring a wallet, has emerged from stealth mode.

The company also revealed its successful $4 million seed funding round, which took place earlier this year and was led by Menyala, a Singapore-based venture-building platform.

Authentick’s core vision is to make digital collectibles accessible to a wider web2 audience.

They aim to create a seamless and secure shopping experience that allows anyone to buy digital collectibles without the need for a wallet, or access to a cryptocurrency exchange.

To achieve this, the Authentickator platform transforms digital collectibles into a format that can be listed as a product.

They partner with prominent players for this, including Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform Lazada, and Shopify for worldwide.

These partnerships aim to make it easier for select users to purchase digital collectibles directly from these platforms using traditional payment methods.

Customers can purchase these digital collectibles using familiar payment methods, just like any other item on these platforms.

Additionally, Authentick has partnered with TikTok as its global marketing channel.

Boyko Draganov, CEO of Authentick, commented,

“With Authentick, users get to shop where they already shop, buy the brands they love, and pay in fiat, giving them easy access to digital ownership. We firmly believe that digital assets should be available to everyone, and our partnership with Lazada and TikTok removes all barriers when it comes to owning a digital collectible.”

Authentick has also developed a proprietary system to evaluate and verify digital collectibles.

This system combines AI and human review to ensure safety, compliance, and authenticity, adding an extra layer of security for users.

Looking ahead, Authentick plans to offer exclusive opportunities for brand partners looking to reach a broader audience.

The company will work with brands transitioning into the web3 space by managing the distribution of digital collectible drops.

This ensures their availability on major global online retail platforms and extends the reach of brand drops to include the web2 audience where they already shop.

Parin Mehta, Venture Partner at Menyala, expressed excitement about the Authentick team’s endeavors, noting,

“We are excited by what the Authentick team is building to create access and enable ownership of digital assets in an underserved market, which will pave the way for mass Web3 adoption.”

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