Opening of the Vietnam Blockchain Summit in 2022


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Opening of the Vietnam Blockchain Summit in 2022

The Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022 began this morning, October 19, and will continue until October 20.


A yearly worldwide event, the Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022 belongs among the most alluring Blockchain events. The event drew more than 1,000 attendees in its inaugural year, more than 50 presenters, and almost 150 foreign delegates from more than 30 economies, including the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Korea, and others that are the world’s blockchain technology powerhouses. Leading blockchain technology companies from across the world will be present at the Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022, including Kyber Network, Gala Games, Sky Mavis, DFG, FTX, Binance, BNB Chain, Chainalysis, OKC, and AAX.

Blockchain technology has just emerged as a ground-breaking innovation and is gaining worldwide traction. Blockchain has enormous potential and is being quickly incorporated into the majority of sectors and areas, resulting in the development of new business models. According to certain projections, the worldwide blockchain industry is estimated to be worth USD 4.67 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a rising rate to reach USD 7.18 billion in 2022 and USD 163.83 billion in 2029. 56.3% compound yearly growth was seen throughout this time.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of the FPT Corporation and the VINASA Founding Council, shared: “Blockchain is very transparent, decentralized, and anti-counterfeiting. In the era of thorough digital transformation, these are incredibly favorable conditions for the development of digital twins. Many sectors are seeing advances thanks to blockchain. 6 trillion USD in financial transactions were made in 2021 using just one Ethereum platform, as opposed to 1.250 billion USD on Paypal and 13 trillion USD on VISA. Blockchain has been incorporated into supply chain management by IBM, Amazon, and McKinsey. When Blockchain is used in these sectors, the world would save $ 450 billion in commerce each year due to counterfeiting and 10,000 counterfeit pharmaceuticals will result in tens of thousands fewer fatalities.”

Opening of the Vietnam Blockchain Summit in 2022
Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of the FPT Corporation

Vietnam is now one of the most promising markets for blockchain, say experts. Vietnam-based blockchain initiatives are well-received on the global market, leading to the development of several practical Blockchain platforms and solutions as well as a large number of investors. More than 10 of the top 200 blockchain businesses worldwide are Vietnamese companies. This is the foundation upon which blockchain initiatives in Vietnam will go forward. Additionally, the Vietnamese government is constantly prepared to open up new technological development paths in order to support the country’s digital transition and spur breakthrough growth. A list of prioritized technologies for research, development, and implementation to actively engage in the fourth industrial revolution was published by the Prime Minister in Decision 2117/QD-TTg, which was signed in 2020. This list included Blockchain technology. The Prime Minister charged the State Bank with leading the investigation, creation, and piloting of a digital currency on June 15, 2021, in Decision 942/QD-TTg establishing the e-Governance development plan toward digital government. Blockchain-based virtualization between 2021 and 2023. Additionally, the government has robust regulations in place to assist creative entrepreneurs, particularly in the areas of emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and VR/AR/XR…

At the ceremony, Phan Duc Trung, vice president of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, said: “Traditional databases can only keep information for a single entity, while Blockchain links a number of businesses and allows Because of this, blockchain technology is enabling new uses in the global economy. Vietnam hosted the inaugural Blockchain Summit. Today’s networking opportunities for technological consultations will help to advance the digital economy in the future. The occasion will identify appropriate suggestions and widely propagate the unique properties of this technology. when domestic and foreign firms create business strategies in Vietnam that use blockchain technology.”

Phan Duc Trung, vice president of the Vietnam Blockchain Association
Phan Duc Trung, vice president of the Vietnam Blockchain Association

A central bank digital currency known as CBDC will be a crucial advancement in lawful currency exchanges between nations throughout the world when Blockchain technology becomes the economic infrastructure in the future. world. CBDC will be developed at this time as a financial services platform to fill various holes in the current digital market system.

Vietnam has often been listed as one of the nations with the quickest economic growth rates worldwide throughout the years. However, new discoveries and fresh approaches are required if progress is to be sustained. Vietnam is likewise undergoing a thorough national digital transformation, and authorities at all levels are always interested in new technologies that might lead to ground-breaking growth and development. This is possible using blockchain technology. Scholars, experts, and leaders of government agencies, associations, and businesses are expected to show a great deal of interest in the Vietnam Blockchain Summit and actively discuss, find new directions, and develop new innovations. They are also expected to be connected to making a real breakthrough in accordance with the potential of Blockchain technology, which will help the development of Vietnam in general and the rest of the world in particular.

Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022 includes many activities: Conference, Exhibition showcasing Blockchain platforms, solutions, networking. The speakers will focus on in-depth discussion on: Trends of development of Blockchain technology and platforms; Blockchain human resource development for Vietnam; Blockchain approach policy recommendations…

Nearly 20 sessions of blockchain technology talk and chat (Fireside chat) will be held, focusing on discussing these contents and trends, such as: Optimizing the power of Blockchain in enterprises; Blockchain application in management and administration to create new business models in emerging markets; Web3 Strategy; The Impact of Stablecoins and CBDCs on the Future of the Financial Industry; An overview of NFTs; DAOs; Creating Value in the Metaverse…

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