OneSwap Prediction Goes Live: Become the Best Predictor & Win Incredible Prizes!

OneSwap Prediction Goes Live: Become the Best Predictor & Win Incredible Prizes!

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OneSwap, a decentralized trading platform, will introduce a brand-new function called Prediction on April 29, 2022, and BTC/USDT will be the very first prediction market where users can win rewards by banking on the cost pattern of BTC/USDT. Prediction features a preliminary reward swimming pool of as much as 1 million CET. Meanwhile, OneSwap will likewise introduce the “Win Rate Ranking Reward Game” that will enable users to get double benefits.

Predict to Earn: How Prediction Works

  1. Log in to OneSwap (, and choose CSC;
  2. Connect to MetaMask, OneSwap Wallet, or a wallet that supports WalletConnect;
  3. Go to Prediction, choose a readily available module, and click “Going Up” or “Going Down” to position a bet;
  4. Enter the CET quantity of the bet (variety: 10 CET – 10,000 CET per round per address), and clickSubmit After a bet is sent, it might no longer be customized or canceled.

Once a bet has actually been sent, the user requires to await the existing round to end. If a user bet on the ideal cost pattern, he will return his bet and make rewards (note: users might withdraw their rewards for numerous rounds cumulatively, and rewards will stay legitimate forever); if he bank on the incorrect cost pattern (i.e. he bank on the opposite instructions or the Locked Price equates to the Settlement Price), then the bet will be moved to the reward swimming pool.

Here, we will show how rewards are dispersed by means of 2 examples:

Let us expect the deal charge stands at 5%, and the preliminary reward swimming pool includes 1,000,000 CET.

The preliminary:

Of the 2 individuals, one bet 10,000 CET and won; the other bet 5,000 CET and lost.

l Winner: Initial Bet + Prize (with the deal charge deducted) =10,000 +10,000 × 0.95 = 19,500 (CET);

l Loser: 0;

After the preliminary, the reward swimming pool now includes 1,000,000-9,500 +5,000 = 995,500 (CET).

Suppose the deal charge stays at 5%, and the preliminary reward swimming pool now includes 995,500 CET.

The 2nd round:

Among the 201 individuals, 200 bet 10,000 CET each and all won, and one individual wagered 5,000 CET and lost. In this case, given that there is inadequate CET in the reward swimming pool for all the 200 winners (9,500 CET per winner), the winning users will share all CET in the reward swimming pool, with the deal charge deducted, according to the wagering ratio.

l Winners: Initial Bet + Prize (the reward swimming pool shared by the wagering ratio, with the deal charge deducted) = 10,000 +995,500 * 0.95/ 200= 14,728.625 (CET) ;

l Loser: 0;

After the 2nd round, the reward swimming pool now includes 995,500 * 0.05 +5,000= 54,775 (CET)


l If all CET rewards in the reward swimming pool are won, the video game will be suspended, and the administrator will begin the video game after renewing CET.

l When the cost feeding system of Prediction is suspended (crypto costs are not available at the end of a round), the prediction agreements would not have the ability to run any operations, and the video game will be suspended. In such cases, the bet of individuals in the existing round will be returned at the end of the round.

Specific Guides:

Become Top Winners & & Win Incredible Rewards

In addition to Prediction, OneSwap will present the Win Rate Ranking Reward Game at the very same time. Users can register for the occasion prior to 9:00 AM, May 6 (UTC), and the leading 3 winners who have actually positioned no less than 50 bets will get 1,000 CET, 600 CET, and 400 CET, respectively.

OneSwap Prediction Goes Live Become the Best Predictor Win

Breaking the High DEX Threshold: OneSwap Launches “Predict to Earn”

In regards to item style, Prediction shows the concept of“simplicity” By gamifying this brand-new function, OneSwap enables most users to take part in Prediction with ease, which reduces the bar of the DEX and makes it more easy to use. Moreover, depending on their market insights, users will have the ability to benefit from market swings by means of Prediction ahead of others.

As a DEX, OneSwap aims to become more ingenious, enhanced, effective, and protect. The launch of Prediction will produce a brand-new earning design: Predict to Earn, bring more variety to the DEX community, and offer more gratifying DeFi experiences for users. Through development, OneSwap has actually mentioned a brand-new instructions for the advancement of DEX environments, and Predict to Earn is most likely to begin another crypto boom.

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