Nostr Assets Protocol Refutes to Founder’s Claims

In a recent statement, the Nostr Assets Protocol addresses the claims made by fiatjaf, the founder of Nostr Protocol.

The protocol takes a comprehensive approach to clarify the alleged lack of factual basis in fiatjaf’s remarks concerning NostrAssets.

The Nostr Assets Protocol reaffirms its commitment to empowering developers.

The NostrAssets ecosystem is explicitly designed to facilitate the creation of robust business cases, providing developers with a platform on both the Lightning Network and Nostr.

A crucial aspect addressed by the protocol involves the accusations regarding hosting solutions.

Nostr Assets Protocol categorically refutes any notions of fraudulent activity associated with hosting solutions.

It emphasises that such solutions are commonplace within the Lightning Network community, with examples like Wallet of Satoshi.

NOSTR Assets No Affiliation with Core Developers

The forthcoming release of NOSTR assets is underscored as having no affiliation with the core developers of Nostr.

The protocol aims to establish a clear division between NOSTR assets and the foundational developers of the Nostr Protocol.

Offering insights into its developmental journey, Nostr Assets Protocol elucidates the technologies employed.

The protocol seamlessly integrates Nostr, Taproot Assets, and Lightning during its developmental phase, strengthening its connection with the broader Nostr ecosystem.

Fortifying Networks Through Financial Applications

Highlighting ongoing strategic initiatives, the Nostr Assets Protocol emphasises its commitment to enhancing the Lightning Network and Nostr.

This is achieved through the introduction of financial applications, a move intended to fortify the overall utility and versatility of both platforms.

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