Nexo Collaborates with Koinly to Ease Crypto Tax Reporting

Nexo, a key player in digital assets, and Koinly, a top crypto tax software firm, have partnered to simplify crypto tax reporting.

This alliance, effective November 30, 2023, is designed to streamline tax season preparations for users. Nexo’s app now includes a feature for generating custom tax forms and reports, tailored to individual transaction histories and tax requirements.

This service, addressing the need for efficient tax tools, is free for up to 800 transactions per year and offers a 30% discount on Koinly’s services for higher volumes.

This integration is crucial as it offers Nexo clients custom tax reports for over 100 countries, automating accurate tax report generation.

Antoni Trenchev, Nexo’s co-founder, highlights the integration’s significance, especially with Nexo’s expanded exchange features. Adam Saville Brown from Koinly views the partnership as a stride towards global crypto adoption and tax simplification.

Nexo, serving 6 million clients globally, continues to evolve, introducing features like Dual Investment and Futures Trading.

Koinly, a renowned crypto tax calculator, supports over 1 million crypto investors and integrates with numerous exchanges and wallets.

This collaboration showcases Nexo’s commitment to comprehensive financial solutions and Koinly’s dedication to meeting the tax needs of crypto investors.

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