New Toy Experience in Japan Through Animoca Brands’ Cryptoys Partnership

A New Era of Digital Toys in Japan

Animoca Brands Japan, a strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands, disclosed an exclusive collaboration with Apas Port Inc. and OnChain Studios’ Cryptoys. This partnership aims to revolutionise the toy experience for Japanese collectors, marking a significant step in redefining traditional play.

Redefining Play with Cryptoys

The collaboration introduces Cryptoys, an innovative digital toy platform merging toys and entertainment, creating an expansive universe for collectors. Highlighting its distinctive line of characters like Zoo-F-O Escape™ and iconic figures from Star Wars™, Mickey and Friends™, and Masters of the Universe™, Cryptoys offers an immersive, next-generation experience for collectors of all ages.



Unboxing a New Universe

The journey into Cryptoys begins with opening a blind-pack cube on the platform, followed by unwrapping a blister pack to initiate a digital collection. The unboxing experience immerses users in a 3D animated environment, blending familiarity with new characters, allowing toys to transform into animated personas with vibrant personalities.

Partnership Initiatives in Japan

Animoca Brands Japan and Apas Port, as strategic partners, will spearhead activities to promote this novel experience in Japan. The collaboration aims to introduce and connect with collectors directly, fostering enthusiasm for the evolving world of digital toys.

Insights from Leaders

Will Weinraub, CEO of OnChain Studio, expressed excitement about the expanding interest in Cryptoys and teased upcoming activations for Japanese collectors. Daisuke Iwase, CEO of Animoca Brands Japan, highlighted the opportunity to introduce Web3 through beloved Japanese characters, aiming to spread joy and excitement.

Envisioning the Future of Play

Daisuke Sasaki, CEO of Apas Port, emphasised the potential to create resonating moments leveraging Web3 technology and a co-created community. Together, they aim to champion Cryptoys’ appeal in Asia, shaping the future of play in the region.

A Creative Approach to Web3

Apas Port, known for its creative narrative approach, envisions deploying emotions into the world of smart contracts. The company focuses on curated IP and storytelling, delivering a sense of aesthetic and excitement within the Web3 landscape.


Crafting Digital Toys for All Ages

OnChain Studios, founded with a mission to engage the next generation of digital toy collectors globally, spearheads Cryptoys’ development. Inspired by a passion for physical surprise pack toys, CEO Will Weinraub leads a team committed to reimagining toys for the digital era.

Pioneering Web3 in Japan

Founded in 2021, Animoca Brands Japan serves as a strategic platform, supporting Japanese IPs and content holders in their Web3 strategies. The subsidiary provides a gateway for Japanese IPs into the global Web3 ecosystem, fostering a bridge between local IPs and a worldwide audience.

A Paradigm Shift in Play

The collaboration between Animoca Brands Japan, Apas Port Inc., and OnChain Studios marks a transformative leap in redefining play for Japanese collectors. With a convergence of cutting-edge technology and beloved characters, Cryptoys paves the way for a new era in the world of digital toys, inviting enthusiasts of all ages into an immersive, evolving universe of play.

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