National AI Strategy 2.0 for Global Excellence

On 4 December, the Singaporean government introduced its updated National AI Strategy 2.0, outlining a forward-looking approach to embrace innovation and tackle challenges associated with artificial intelligence (AI).

The strategy builds upon its initial AI plan introduced in 2019.

The renewed AI strategy takes a systematic approach, outlining three main areas of focus in Singaporean society: “activity drivers,” “people and communities,” and “infrastructure and environment.”

Within this framework, there are ten key enablers driving the systems and fifteen strategic action steps aimed at making the entire system operational.

Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision

Among the action steps, Singapore plans to establish new AI “Centers of Excellence” within companies operating in the country.

“We will attract and anchor new AI CoEs in Singapore-based companies that are leading-edge producers (e.g. technology companies, start-ups) and sophisticated end-users, in order to conduct value creation activities across the AI stack.”

The goal is to foster sophisticated AI value creation and usage in key sectors, contributing to the nation’s vision of becoming a smart nation.

The updated plan places emphasis on equipping governmental agencies with “specialised knowledge, technical capabilities, and regulatory tools.”

Furthermore, it aims to enhance AI proficiency in all Singaporean public officers, utilising government capacity to create resources that support AI adoption in the public sector.

Singapore Talent Development

In a commitment to AI talent development, Singapore aims to increase the number of AI practitioners to 15,000.

This involves scaling up AI-specific training programs, technology pipelines, and remaining open to global talent.

The report says that existing tech training programs have successfully placed over 2,700 individuals in “good jobs” to date.

Aligned with global trends, Singapore plans to increase its computing capacity.

This involves deepening partnerships with major industry players, including chipmakers and cloud service providers.

Simultaneously, the nation will support local Singapore-based compute industry firms.

AI Ambitions in 3–5 Years

Singapore’s ambitious plan outlines action steps that will be implemented over the next three to five years.

This timeline positions Singapore as a key player in the global AI arena, aligning with similar international efforts in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and the United States.

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