Multiplayer Browser – Stack Announces Selling Lifetime Licenses as NFTs

Multiplayer Browser - Stack Announces Selling Lifetime Licenses as NFTs

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Multiplayer browser for Collaboration – Stack, is preparing to offer lifetime licenses of its membership as Non- fungible tokens. With this Stack is turning into one of the very first SaaS tools that is selling access to its premium variation as the main energy of an NFT.

Stack is a naturally collective spatial browser with a totally brand-new style, appearance, and approach for arranging and browsing the Internet! It features Multiplayer Rooms, which permits users to have buddies, coworkers, and web material harmoniously arranged in one area.

Stack NFT is the very first task that offers access to the most essential tool – the browser as its direct energy

“Unfortunately, most of the NFT projects today don’t have any utility at all. The project owners have no real company, team, or partners behind them. Sometimes they don’t even have a web page, just a crazy idea of some sort of P2E game in the (non-existing) Metaverse. As a result, most of the NFTs fail. And we witness ‘rugpulls’ more frequently than real projects, severely damaging the reputation of the entire NFT industry. At Stack we are building an NFT project with real value, granting utility to its holders right from the beginning” – states David Gavasheli, co- creator of Stack.

Stack NFT owners can get Unlimited Rooms for arranging their web material and Collaborative Spaces with approximately 55 seats. Without purchasing NFT, those functions would cost each year approximately USD 7,000.

A Multiplayer browser is a location where users exchange details flawlessly and construct things together.

“At Stack, our company believe that a browser can do far more than simply be a basic entrance to the web. If developed well, it can end up being a partnership center for the groups” – Says co- creator of Stack,George Laliashvili Being Multiplayer, permits Stack to make any app that is not naturally collective, if opened in Stack, to turn into one. This is since Stack offers the cross- app cooperation layer with all the functions you and your group may ever require!

NFT Art – Own Your Cursor aka Stack spaceship

Stack NFT task is a pure Utility NFT! But thinking about how highly the group values visual style, they have actually chosen to make something unique with NFT art as well.

“The cursor is rapidly becoming the symbol of collaboration and multiplayer, a steer using which you navigate the web. It is what represents you online and how your peers see you from the other side. And since Stack is the first multiplayer browser, we have  decided to create 6242 unique Cursors as the art representing our Utility NFT.” – Says co- creator of Stack, Zviad Sichinava.

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The coolest thing with Stack NFT art is that you can likewise set it as a default cursor on your desktop. And given that Stack NFT area supports a multi- cursor experience, everybody sharing the area can likewise see that your cursor is one from that distinct collection of 6242!

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Stack is the very first multiplayer browser for conscious online experiences. With its distinct spatial style and faster way very first navigation, it transforms your web into a location where you have all your apps, buddies, and household arranged in consistency. Stack is a Delaware Corporation established in 2019, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and backed by Lunar Ventures, Peak Capital, Wayra X, and 500Startups

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