Monopoly Millionaire Game Raised USD 1 Million in Seed Funding

Monopoly Millionaire Game Raised USD 1 Million in Seed Funding

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Monopoly Millionaire Game, a marine-themed Game Fi that includes island building, cultivating, shooting and more, revealed that it has actually finished a seed funding of 1 million United StatesDollar By this round of funding, MMG was valued at 10 million United States Dollar.

Mirana Ventures led the seed funding round. Other significant financiers consisted of Kernel Ventures, Mint Ventures, Crypto J, and Ventorylabs.

MMG Team stated it will utilize the fund to assist understand the MMG Game Fi vision and draw in more users to get involved in the We b3 video games. In MMG, gamers will purchase Cannon NFTs to get the entry. With the NFT entry, gamers can make day-to-day check-in benefits and P2E benefits. Daily check-in rewards assurance gamers to make their principal back. Besides, gamers can make extra benefits by P2E within the NFT life process.

“In MMG Game Fi financial design, each NFT has a life process, that indicates, each can just be utilized for P2E for a restricted time period. Players need to update the NFT or offer it in the market when its life process ends. This allows us to much better control inflation and have a much healthier community,” Monopoly Millionaire Game CEO Angle informed on an earlier Press Release atCointelegraph “Now MMG Game Fi main variation is introduced. We welcome all users throughout the world to go to Monopoly Millionaire Game main site to download and experience the game.”

Monopoly Millionaire Game is established by group members who have abundant game-developing experience in world-famous Internet business. Even though the item is still in its early phases, financiers think it has substantial development capacity to link game gamers all over the world.

“With a number of numerous skilled game designers, and 10s of countless users in the world, the capacity for Monopoly Millionaire Game is substantial,” Karter, a partner at Mirana Ventures, stated in journalism release.

About Monopoly Millionaire Game

Monopoly Millionaire Game is a marine-themed game that includes activities such as island building, cultivating, shooting, to name a few. It is an NFT P2E game constructed on the BNBChain It embraces a dual-token financial design. MMG is the in- game token and MMC is the governance token.

Players usage Cannon NFT to hunt marine animals and each cannon fire will take in Gold Coins which have a restricted day-to-day quota. By searching, gamers make MMG token benefits. The Cannon NFT differs from 1 to 8 star levels. The greater the level, the more P2E earnings the gamers will make. Moreover, by getting day-to-day indication-in benefits, a gamer can entirely cover their NFT expenses, not to discuss the extra P2E benefits readily available.

Each Cannon NFT has a “life process”. When it ends, the gamer needs to update it or offer it on the marketplace. This resolves an ingrained issue in numerous Game Fi video games: inflation. The MMG group aims to construct a long-lasting and sustainable community, where gamers can delight in the game, be captivated, and make an earnings in the meantime.

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