Moisés Zamora’s Shift from Hollywood to NFTs

Moisés Zamora, the creative force behind Netflix’s “Selena: The Series,” is steering away from the conventional avenues of Hollywood, embracing a move into the world of NFTs.

Zamora, having tasted success with the show reaching 25 million households on Netflix, found himself questioning the financial security that should accompany such triumphs.

Dissatisfied with the streaming model’s lack of residual benefits, Zamora is now spearheading Videomart, an on-chain platform empowering indie filmmakers to connect directly with fans and increase revenue through NFTs.

In the aftermath of “Selena,” Zamora challenges the allure of major streaming deals, urging filmmakers to consider a different path. He critiques Netflix’s offers, emphasizing the meagre returns and prolonged licensing agreements.

Zamora advocates for a more realistic approach, steering filmmakers towards cultivating a dedicated fan base willing to support their work financially. Videomart, emerging from beta testing, is set for a public launch at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, featuring 35 films with plans to add 400 more titles.

Videomart’s cornerstone lies in convincing filmmakers that a smaller, supportive audience is more valuable than a studio deal. Zamora highlights the platform’s potential to redefine success by connecting creators directly with fans through NFTs, ensuring a fairer distribution of revenue.

As he puts it, “Five thousand people at £5 [each], that’s £25,000. What short film that’s small like that has made £25,000?”

Videomart is part of a larger movement leveraging technology, particularly NFTs, to democratise the film production landscape. Zamora’s initiative aligns with a wave of blockchain-backed startups aiming to break down barriers in an industry known for its exclusivity.

The emergence of films like “The Quiet Maid,” funded by NFT purchases, signals a shift towards decentralisation, offering filmmakers alternatives to the stringent Hollywood studio greenlight process.

Moisés Zamora’s journey reflects a departure from the conventional Hollywood trajectory, embracing innovation and empowering filmmakers to take control of their success.

As the film industry witnesses the rise of NFT-backed initiatives, Videomart stands as a pioneering force, set to make a significant impact at the intersection of technology and filmmaking.

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