Missed The JTO Pump? Here Are 4 Other SOLANA Airdrops You Cannot Miss

JTO is pumping like crazy.

First entrants who joined the JTO frenzy on Binance post-listing have, as of time of publication, experienced close to 50x return.

JTO’s market cap now exceeds $300 million, with a 24-hour trading value over $1.3 billion.

As of now, JTO sits at $2.80, with its price average surging 50% within its first five hours.

And that’s the nature of airdrops – they reward those that come first.

Binance’s Market Dominance

Binance currently dominates JTO’s market share, with Coinbase trailing at 5% despite its prominence in the sector.


Investors are often finnicky about entering late into an asset.

Fret not if you missed this particular listing – with Solana’s price soaring above $70, there continues to exist plenty of opportunities for the discerning airdrop hunter.

Phantom (FTM) Airdrop

If you’re intending to get into Solana, Phantom, with 3 million users, is the go-to wallet.

The Solana equivalent of Metamask, it is compatible with most browsers.

The project has been hinting at a potential airdrop – and if activity happens to be the qualifying criteria, users can engage with Drip Haus for daily NFT drops.

Users can also buy NFTs from leading NFT marketplaces such as Tensor and Magic Eden.

MarginFi Airdrop

MarginFi, a lending platform, is Solana’s third-highest TVL protocol.

Currrently, users can enjoy liquid staking with a 7.67% APY for SOL.

This particular swap is powered by Jupiter, so there is immense airdrop potential on this front.

Users can also earnvia locked assets (min. APY 10%) and active participation points.

Tensor Airdrop

As a top Solana NFT marketplace, Tensor rewards activity, especially trading in the top 100 collections.

Users can earn points through such activity. Though there is no official confirmation whether a token might be launched.

Users can stake Tensorian NFTs for extra points and prepare themselves for upcoming Solana inscription NFTs.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden, the leading NFT marketplace, has been rumored to get a token for quite some time now.

They have also apparently raised $160 million for this endeavour.

With the marketplace being a hub for multi-network trading, should there be an airdrop for such tokens, users can increase their chances for their potential airdrop by trading, leveling up, and engaging in quests.

Beyond these, potential airdrops might come from Drift Protocol, Jupiter Exchange, and Zeta Markets.

We will continue to look out for such airdrops and keep you informed first-hand.

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