Mimic Shhans’ MMSS Token: A Wild Ride in the Crypto Jungle

Mimic Shhans MMSS Token

Towards the end of 2022, Mimic Shhans (SHHAN) saw a decline in price and dwindling interest.

Amidst the thriving Bitcoin ecosystem, suggestions arose within the community to revive actions like combining with cats (BRC-20) and issuing BTC NFT versions of Mimic Shhans.

On 19 November 2023, SHHAN deployed the MMSS token.

However, due to a lack of understanding of BRC-20, SHHAN set the engraving quantity at 20 coins per sheet.

Although the token was deployed by SHHANS and the name and original images came from Mimic Shhans, SHHANS reiterated multiple times that they did not hold too many MMSS tokens and hoped for decentralised community operations for MMSS, expressing no intention to self-operate.

Some users raised concerns about the excessive quantity, to which SHHAN apologised:


With a total of 21 million coins and 20 coins per sheet, approximately 1.05 million engravings were needed to complete the minting process.

At the time of SHHAN’s announcement, Bitcoin network fees were high, which makes the cost per engraving around $8-9 USD.

This resulted in nearly tens of millions of dollars to complete the engravings.

SHHAN’s Approach and Community Response

This posed as a test to the community’s consensus and enthusiasm for MMSS.

Following the deployment of MMSS by SHHAN, some Mimic Shhans community members began learning how to engrave BRC-20, despite having no prior exposure to the field.

Within five hours of deployment, the progress reached 10%.

Due to the high Bitcoin network fees that day, the engraving cost approached a million dollars.

SHHAN also released support images for Mimic Shhans and Rudolph.

The complete engravings were completed at 5 a.m. on 24 November, with a total cost of approximately $6 million.

MMSS Decentralised Community

Although the token was deployed by SHHANS and the name and original images came from Mimic Shhans, SHHANS has reiterated multiple times that they did not hold many MMSS tokens.

They hoped for decentralised community operations for MMSS, with no intention to self-operate.

This stems from SHHAN’s desire to focus solely on Mimic Shhans’ NFT series due to the previous year’s disputes within the black cat community regarding operations and finances.

SHHAN expressed,

“The development of MMSS will be entirely community-driven, and I will participate as a member of the community.”

MMSS has achieved a “decentralisation from project parties” approach, allowing the community to determine development strategies.

The current popular BRC-20 tokens mainly comprise pure MEME and utility tokens.

Previously, during the peak period of rats, social media platforms were inundated with rat concept image promotions.

MMSS also plans to base its operational foundation on the concept of the black cat’s image but leans more towards artistic creativity and integration with real-life scenarios.

MMSS’s Future and Challenges

Reportedly, MMSS’s future development plans include a creator platform centered around the black cat, black cat IP endorsers and image ambassadors, application development, and ecosystem education across four modules.

Animal concepts thrive in the Web3 world, as seen with DOGE, BONK (from Cheems), PEPE, etc.

The future of MMSS, to achieve sustained growth through IP creation, remains contingent following on its operational efforts.

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