Microsoft joins forces with Oracle to Address Rising AI Service Demands

In a move to elevate the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of its chatbot, Bing, Microsoft has joined forces with Oracle, leveraging the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

This collaboration aims to redefine the search experience within Bing, propelling it to new heights.

Officially announced by Oracle, this multi-year partnership signifies Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing its AI services and refining conversational searches through Bing’s chatbot.

Karan Batta, the Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, expresses enthusiasm, describing generative AI as a technological leap.

Oracle is positioned to empower Microsoft and various other businesses in crafting and deploying innovative products.

This partnership not only brings cutting-edge technology to the forefront but also extends the reach of AI-driven searches globally.


Microsoft, equally confident in this collaboration, anticipates a substantial enhancement in the search experience for its users.

Divya Kumar, the Global Head of Marketing for Search & AI at Microsoft, underscores the significance of this collaboration with Oracle, emphasising how the integration of OCI with Microsoft Azure AI infrastructure will not only refine search experiences but also accelerate search result delivery.

Acknowledging the ever-growing demands in AI services, Microsoft increased computing resources to maintain its leadership position.

In a fortuitous alignment, Oracle possesses a vast inventory of Nvidia A100s and H100 GPUs, readily available for rental, providing the necessary firepower for Microsoft’s ambitions.

This collaboration unfolds through the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, enabling seamless interaction between services running in Azure and resources within OCI.

Notably, this marks the second instance of collaboration between these tech giants, as they previously announced the collocation of their database systems in Microsoft Azure data centres.

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