Microsoft and Ankr have partnered to provide node hosting services. jpg

Microsoft and Ankr have partnered to provide node-hosting services.

Tech Giant, Microsoft partnered with Ankr to leverage its expertise in providing infrastructure solutions that connect builders, applications, and users to Web3 and to provide a novel node hosting service to Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace.

The one-of-a-kind insights and extensive expertise that the Ankr team has gained working with blockchain technology have proved to be the perfect conduit and accelerator for Microsoft’s aim to enable more individuals and organizations to realize their full potential. With the help of this technical integration, customers will have the ability to manage node hosting solutions that have individualized requirements for memory, bandwidth, and geographic location for blockchain nodes.

Ankr’s advances in blockchain infrastructure will be paired with Microsoft’s cloud technologies as part of the cooperation, which will see an integration of technology from both businesses. Every Web3 developer or project will be able to take advantage of global blockchain connectivity with minimal latency if they use the enterprise node deployment service.

An outstanding milestone for Ankr, the cooperation is also a major signal of how far the decentralized web has progressed in integrating with the essential stakeholders in every tier of web systems, as highlighted by Chandler Song, co-founder and CEO of Ankr. The end consequence will be an age in which an exceptionally prolific amount of developing for blockchain-based apps will occur from new Web3 initiatives as well as major corporations joining the area.

Ankr will be able to extend its resources, skills, and worldwide reach if it forms a partnership with Microsoft. Ankr and the newly discovered partner investigate a variety of possible solutions and prospects. In addition to this, Microsoft has included a new client in its industrial metaverse.

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