Microfinance VC Introduces Tokenised Microcredit Bonds in Partnership with Bitfinex Securities

Mikro Kapital, a microfinance VC firm, today announces the launch of its microcredit tokenised bonds.

The first of its kind in blockchain, this development comes through a strategic collaboration with Bitfinex Securities.

The announcement of this partnership took place at the recent Plan B event held in Lugano, Switzerland.

Mikro Kapital and Bitfinex Securities, in their collaborative effort, are now engaged in other tokenisation projects.

These include defining tokenisation initiatives, facilitating the listing and trading of debt securities, and assessing the use of Tether tokens linked to USD (USDT) and euros (EURT) for capital raising within the microfinance sphere.

This collaboration was first mentioned in Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) inked on October 2nd, 2023.

The initial agreement set the stage for both entities to work together in exploring opportunities to tokenise, list, and trade debt securities.

It also marked their joint exploration into the application of USD-backed Tether tokens (USDt) and Euro-backed Tether tokens (EURt) for the purpose of capital raising and microfinancing.

The tokenisation model enables the exchange and trade of such tokens on the Bitfinex securities platform.

Notably, these tokens are available in denominations of 100 USDT, with an initial purchase requirement set at a minimum of 125,000 USDT.

Mikro Kapital, established in 2008 under the leadership of Vincenzo Trani, purportedly manages a diverse loan portfolio that currently supports approximately 300,000 recipients across 14 countries.

This portfolio currently totals around €1.14 billion.

40% of these beneficiaries consist of women entrepreneurs hailing from local and rural communities.

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