Meta Implements Ban on Political Advertising in AI Generative Content

Meta has implemented a policy prohibiting political advertisers from utilising its generative AI advertising products, in response to increasing concerns that AI-driven tools may exacerbate the dissemination of election-related misinformation.

Meta’s decision follows its earlier decision to widen access to these advanced technologies, which can swiftly generate backgrounds, modify images, and create diverse ad copies based on text prompts.

Initially, these AI-driven tools were accessible to a limited number of advertisers, with intentions to eventually make them available to all advertisers worldwide.

However, concerns over their misuse in political campaigns prompted this preventative action.

Tech Giants Generative AI Advertising

Other tech giants, such as Alphabet’s Google, have also delved into generative AI advertising.

Google has taken steps to ensure political detachment in its products, blocking specific “political keywords” and planning policy updates for disclosure requirements in election-related ads.

Snapchat and TikTok have chosen to completely prohibit political advertisements, whereas Twitter (now known as X) has yet to introduce any generative AI advertising tools.

Meta’s restrictive stance on generative AI for political advertising reflects the company’s recognition of the challenges posed by these tools.

Nick Clegg, Meta’s top policy executive, emphasised the need for updated rules governing AI’s role in political campaigns.

Especially regarding election-related content across platforms.

Misleading AI-Generated Content

Meta takes a cautious approach towards misleading AI-generated content, narrowly banning it in all forms except for parody or satire.

However, this approach has faced scrutiny, leading to Meta’s independent Oversight Board examining its validity in specific cases, such as the one involving a manipulated video of U.S. President Joe Biden.

AI Usage in Political Advertising

Meta’s latest policy marks a significant step in addressing concerns regarding potential AI misuse.

Amidst ongoing challenges, Meta and Google’s policies set precedents for responsible AI usage in digital advertising, highlighting the necessity for robust safeguards and regulations in ensuring the integrity of political discourse in an AI-driven world.

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