$MEME Token Sale Bags $10 Million in Under 1 Hour

The $MEME token presale was a swift success, accumulating $10 million in commitments in just under 42 minutes. Members of the community were able join the waitlist after completing certain quests on the website.

So what are the utilities of $MEME? There are none, as stated on the website:

$MEME has no functions, no utility and no intrinsic value, no promise or expectation of any financial return, profit, interest or dividend.

There is no roadmap and there is no promise or expectation that any ecosystem will even be developed for $MEME.

$MEME is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.

Memeland focuses on creating and supporting social products for its community, bridging creators and enthusiasts through the $MEME token and NFTs.

While their current features cater to NFT holders, their ultimate aim is to construct an inclusive Web3 platform, allowing everyday users to embrace meme culture and its opportunities.

Memeland, a unique NFT ecosystem, merges the world of memes with the potential of NFTs. The project currently comprises three collections: The Captainz, The Potatoz and You The Real MVP.

The Captainz Collection

The Captainz collection features 9,999 pieces depicting pirate captains and their crews on a treasure hunt. Holding a Captainz NFT grants exclusive membership within Memeland, offering unique perks and access to Treasure Islandz. Furthermore, Captainz plays a pivotal role in governing the Memeland DAO.

The Potatoz Collection

The Potatoz collection comprises 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs, drawing inspiration from memes and pop culture. These Potatoz NFTs are the entry-level membership for Memeland and feature a non-custodial staking system, offering MEME rewards and access to events.


You The Real MVP

The “You The Real MVP” (MVP) collection within Memeland consists of 420 mythical gold trophies, each bearing a unique inscription. MVP NFTs provide access to a network of collectors, exclusive project information, a private MVP lounge, preferential allowlist spots, and increased utility for Memeland NFTs.

9GAG is well-known in internet meme culture with over 70 million followers across social media, is the driving force behind Memeland.

Based in Hong Kong, 9GAG has been a meme curator for more than a decade.

Despite 9GAG’s backing, Memeland aspires to evolve into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), staying true to the principles of Web3, granting the community a voice in decision-making.

The $MEME token sale has generally been well received by the community.

Even critics of the project have found reasons to commend the Memeland team, which is uncommon given the critical and warying characteristics of the space.

At the time of writing, the $MEME token sale stands at a 152% subscription rate, with another 21 hours to go.

Is this a breath of fresh air? In a landscape where the majority of tokens are relentlessly focused on utility, often subjecting teams to relentless pressure to meet ever-increasing demands, it seems that not every venture in the crypto world needs to fit the utility mould, and that diversity within the ecosystem can be met with open arms.

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