Low Sales Spark Evaluation of Future Devices

Solana Labs’ co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, addressed the less-than-impressive sales of the company’s smartphone, Saga, in an interview with Unchained Crypto on Dec 5.

Despite unveiling the Android device in June 2022 and launching it in 2023 with promises of a web3-focused experience, Saga’s sales have been underwhelming, reaching only 2,500 units.

Yakovenko acknowledged the lower-than-expected sales but highlighted positive user feedback, emphasizing the device’s quality and positive reviews from Solana enthusiasts. However, he noted the changing landscape since mid-2022, with progressive web apps reducing the necessity for dedicated devices.

Shifting Landscape and Uncertain Future

Yakovenko indicated that the demand for dedicated mobile devices has diminished due to the prevalence of progressive web apps.

While acknowledging the need for future Solana devices, he expressed uncertainty about their nature and potential market appeal. He suggested the possibility of a more affordable version, like a smart wallet, catering to users looking for a secondary device, but emphasized the lack of clear signals indicating widespread demand.

Addressing Alleged Vulnerability

In response to a reported vulnerability in Saga by security firm CertiK, Yakovenko refuted the claims. He clarified that the security firm rooted the phone and displayed a hacked Bitcoin wallet, a scenario he deemed irrelevant as the Solana stack does not support Bitcoin.

Despite challenges and lower sales, the co-founder remained optimistic about refining Solana’s approach to mobile devices in alignment with evolving market needs.

Assessing Saga’s Impact and Looking Ahead

Solana’s Saga smartphone, while receiving positive reviews, faces challenges in the market with sales falling short of expectations.

The landscape shift towards progressive web apps prompts Solana Labs to reevaluate the necessity for dedicated devices.

As Solana contemplates future mobile offerings, the focus is on aligning product features with market demands, possibly exploring more affordable and niche-oriented devices to cater to evolving user preferences.

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