Lionel Messi Becomes Co-Owner of KRÜ Esports

International soccer superstar Lionel Messi has ventured into the world of esports by joining KRÜ Esports as a co-owner, an announcement that has captured the attention of sports and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Sergio Agüero, a former soccer player with a remarkable career spanning Argentina, FC Barcelona, and Manchester City, is the mastermind behind KRÜ Esports.

Sergio Aguero playing for Manchester City

KRÜ Esports was founded in late 2020 and has rapidly gained prominence in the competitive gaming scene, participating in various major esports tournaments, including Riot Games’ Valorant and Epic Games’ Rocket League.

KRU Esports advances to the playoffs by eliminating Sentinels from Valorant Champions 2021

Agüero’s personal involvement in esports grew during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2019 when he began live streaming, gradually nurturing his passion for competitive gaming. This newfound passion led to the creation of KRÜ Esports.

In a video announcement, Agüero revealed Messi’s partnership with KRÜ Esports, with the video already garnering over 10 million views in less than four hours.

“I’m happy to share a club with Leo, of course now in a new stage and with other challenges. It’s an honour to have him as a part of KRÜ. He’s the best footballer in history, and he’s also a great friend. He is a figure who inspires everyone and will be a great addition to the scene as a whole,”

said Sergio Kun Aguero, CEO of KRÜ Esports and former professional soccer player.

KRÜ Esports, sponsored by Visa, has grown since its inception in 2020 and has diversified its presence in various esports disciplines, including Valorant and Rocket League. Beyond competitive teams, KRÜ Esports also features content creators, contributing to the overall growth and influence of the organization within the esports community.

The addition of Lionel Messi as a co-owner brings immense credibility and attention to KRÜ Esports. Messi’s influence in the world of soccer extends to the esports scene, and his involvement is expected to fuel further growth for KRÜ, making it one of the prominent teams in South America’s competitive gaming landscape.

Messi’s foray into esports parallels his arrival in Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States, which has significantly increased the visibility of soccer in America.

source: Major League Soccer

Just as his presence in the MLS has attracted more eyes to the sport, his involvement in esports is anticipated to do the same.

In recent years, esports teams have delved into the world of cryptocurrency through strategic partnerships, creating innovative opportunities for fans and setting new standards for engagement within the esports community. Notably, teams like NRG and Astralis have been at the forefront of this convergence.

NRG, an esports team, entered the crypto domain in 2018 by partnering with Enjin. This collaboration brought about a transformative experience for NRG’s fans. Supporters gained the ability to enter raffles, visiting events, receiving game hardware or professional training.

Astralis, a powerhouse in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) scene, achieved another milestone in 2020 with their partnership with Refereum, a blockchain platform. This collaboration introduced a novel way for fans to engage with the team’s content. Through this partnership, fans could earn Refereum Tokens (RFR) by actively participating in Astralis’ streams and content.

These collaborations have not only expanded the fan experience but have also paved the way for further innovation at the intersection of esports and blockchain technology.

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