LinkedIn’s Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Auctions Off Solana NFTs

LinkedIn's Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Auctions Off Solana NFTs

The expert networking website LinkedIn’s co-founder Reid Hoffman has a DALL • E and NFT technique, which we are here to fathom. He has a vision for “Untranslatable Words” NFTs, which he will auction off day-to-day on Solana Marketplace Magic Eden.

Reid Hoffman discussed his approaching endeavor into the world of NFTs utilizing DALL • E. This OpenAI job can produce images in numerous designs, from photorealistic images to paintings and emojis.

“A single word is worth a thousand pictures,” he stated of the innovation.

Speaking of the job “Untranslatable Words”, it is stated to cover 11 pieces of tokenized images produced utilizing DALL-E 2, with the auction of the very first piece “mångata” start today.

While writing, the greatest quote is 18 SOL, and the earnings from each piece will be dispersed in between charitable causes and his group of partners. Any NFT that is not acquired throughout the auctions will be burned or damaged completely.

What emerged from Hoffman’s objectives to get on the NFT bandwagon was his outlook on the crypto bearishness, which he referred to as a“good moment for experimentation.”


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