Lights, Camera, Crypto Scam: Russian Actor’s $250k Loss

In a disheartening turn of events, Russian actor Artem Tkachenko found himself entangled in a distressing crypto scam.

The actor’s ordeal, which surfaced on Monday through a Telegram post by Baza, a Russian online news agency, reveals a tale of financial vulnerability and deception.

The actor’s foray into the world of cryptocurrency investment began in late 2021 when he was introduced to entrepreneur Grigory Muluzyan by a colleague.

Fuelled by aspirations of financial gains, the actor entrusted Grigory with his resources, depositing 7.5 BTC into the entrepreneur’s wallet and granting him unrestricted access.

Initially, the actor enjoyed consistent returns, amounting to 10% of his monthly income, purportedly derived from cryptocurrency trading.

However, this seemingly profitable venture took a dramatic downturn in the ensuing months, with profits dwindling.

The first significant shock occurred while the actor was filming in Yalta, Crimea.

His access to the account was abruptly blocked, and 10 BTC were frozen.

Grigory attributed this setback to a supposed restriction on users in Crimea, demanding an additional 0.5 BTC deposit to unlock the frozen funds.

In the summer of 2022, the actor and his friend were presented with the opportunity to purchase shares in Grigory ‘s crypto business for a total of $150,000.

However, as the price of BTC plummeted in subsequent months, Grigory advised the actor to liquidate his holdings.

It was then that the actor realised that his investments had seemingly vanished, with no returns materialiaing, and the promised cryptocurrency business appearing elusive.

Frustrated and disheartened, the 41-year-old actor reported the incident to the authorities, ultimately coming to terms with the deception that had cost him approximately $262,000.

This sobering revelation serves as a stark reminder of the risks that can accompany the world of cryptocurrencies, even for individuals in the public eye.

While celebrities are often embroiled in allegations of promoting fraudulent crypto projects, this narrative underscores that others, like the Russian actor, can find themselves ensnared in financial turmoil as well.

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