“League of Legends” Producer, Thomas Vu, Joins Forces with Creta in Web3 Metaverse Collaboration

Thomas Vu’s Achievement Spectrum

Thomas Vu, renowned for steering League of Legends (LoL) to unprecedented success and crafting the acclaimed animated series Arcane, aligns forces with Creta, a Web3 metaverse platform, in a groundbreaking partnership. Vu’s trajectory spans from pioneering high-resolution Earth imagery with NASA to orchestrating the triumphs of iconic gaming franchises like Sims, SimCity, and Warhammer, before his pivotal role in the ascent of LoL and Arcane.

Industry Alchemy: Thomas Vu’s Impact

Vu’s imprint transcends gaming. His role in crafting “Arcane” and birthing the digital/real hybrid sensation K/DA echoes global acclaim, boasting a billion YouTube views. His creative genius transcends boundaries, encapsulating gaming, storytelling, and music within his unparalleled achievements.

Creta’s Collaboration with Thomas Vu

Creta’s partnership unveils support for Vu’s game incubation initiatives and promises joint ventures in gaming, animations, and music productions. Collaborating on game incubation programs and synergising their respective Web3 initiatives, the alliance between Creta and Vu envisions pioneering projects capturing emergent global gaming markets.


Diverse CEO Lee Sang-yoon (left) handshakes with Thomas Vu (right). (Image Source: X.com @CRETA_WORLD)

Future Endeavours: Creta and Thomas Vu’s Vision

Uniting for quality and originality, Creta and Vu target burgeoning markets in the Middle East and India. Their goal involves shaping a new gaming and content culture, aiming to introduce remarkable Web3 games to a global audience.

Establishing a Visionary Fund

Creta’s forward momentum materialises in the form of a substantial growth fund, potentially ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. This initiative aims to foster exceptional Web3 games, supported by major funds in the United States and the Middle East, propelling Creta’s ecosystem on a high-performance blockchain.

Creta’s Innovative Edge

Creta, helmed by Diverse, pioneers a Web3 platform leveraging the Locus Chain, offering a multifaceted multiverse experience with photorealistic visuals. The platform’s unique utilisation of Locus Chain positions it ahead by significantly reducing infrastructure costs, solidifying its status in the industry.

Creta’s Stellar Lineup and Services

Comprising industry luminaries like Ray Nakazato and Yoshiki Okamoto, Creta holds promise as a dominant Web3 metaverse platform. The inclusion of legendary game designer Yoshiki Okamoto and the recent partnership with Thomas Vu cements CRETA’s position as a leader in Web3 game titles.

Creta’s Multiverse and SuperClub

Creta’s offerings span the Creta Multiverse, Studio for game creation, and the community-driven Creta SuperClub, a pioneering service guaranteeing user ownership through tokenisation and NFTs. This decentralised approach empowers influencers while preserving user data integrity.

Embracing an Innovator’s Collaboration

The collaboration between Thomas Vu and Creta embodies a significant leap in Web3 metaverse evolution. Their partnership signifies an exciting chapter, melding industry expertise and creative ingenuity to shape a vibrant, global Web3 gaming landscape.

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