Kujira’s KUJI Token Pump ATH, Airdrop, Token Information, and More

The Kujira token (KUJI) has breached the $5 USD milestone and marked a 10% surge within the last 24 hours, hitting an all-time high.

The token previously hit the $4.45 mark back in 2021, and has never revisited that price – till today.

Our market analysts link this surge directly to the recent launch of the Kujira oracle in October and the introduction of the Kujira treasury in November 2023.

What is KUJI?

KUJI, the proprietary token of the Kujira Network, now circulates in a reduced supply of 122.4 million tokens.

This reduction, stemming from a January 18, 2022 governance vote, saw 150 million tokens trimmed through the burning of liquidity pool rewards.

Playing a crucial role in the Kujira Network, KUJI is the go-to currency for settling network and dApp fees.

Furthermore, all accrued fees find their way back to KUJI stakers.

Kujira Network is purportedly a decentralised ecosystem revolutionizing payment infrastructure, offering sustainable FinTech solutions to protocols, builders, and web 3 users.

It claims to democratise access to investment opportunities, making them accessible to both retail investors and seasoned elites.

The platform’s overarching mission is to furnish easy-to-use, cost-effective tools catering to individuals across the crypto experience spectrum, ensuring income generation possibilities irrespective of market dynamics.

This commitment extends to inclusivity across various blockchains and networks.

Sonar Wallet

Kujira, translating to “whale” in Japanese, recently rolled out the public beta of its Sonar Wallet for iOS users.

Operating within the Cosmos ecosystem, Kujira leverages a secure and interoperable environment through IBC, adding an extra layer of credibility to its ventures.

Upcoming Kujira Airdrop, Mechanics

Kujira users have been looking forward to a potential airdrop since its inception, and to be honest, such an idea is not inconceivable.

In fact there have been rumors suggesting as such.

The platform previously did an airdrop two years ago with StarTerra, during the height of the crypto bull run.

With the token’s sudden popularity, it’s possible that more marketing effort will be put in towards promoting the project.

This can come in the form of airdrops, or collaborations with other brands.

That being said, it is likely that such an airdrop will go towards active users within the Kujira ecosystem.

As of time of publication, no new airdrops have been announced.

Coinlive will continue to monitor the situation and update here should things change.

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