KuCoin Welcomes Root Network Token to its Trading Platform

KuCoin expands its asset offerings with the inclusion of Root Network (ROOT).

The move, revealed on Monday, November 20, underscores KuCoin’s dedication to diversifying its tradable assets.

Root Network investors can now efficiently deposit their ROOT tokens on KuCoin. Notably, KuCoin will exclusively accept ROOT deposits via Ethereum’s ERC20 network, ensuring compatibility and a seamless trading experience for ROOT token holders.

KuCoin provides a detailed schedule for trading and withdrawing ROOT tokens.

Trading for the ROOT/USDT pair kicks off on November 21, offering users a new market to explore. Withdrawals for ROOT tokens commence the following day, on November 22.

On KuCoin’s spot platform, the ROOT/USDT trading pair is introduced. USDT, representing Tether, a widely-used stablecoin, provides a stable value reference for traders, simplifying the buying and selling of ROOT tokens.

KuCoin advises users to employ an ERC20 wallet, not their FuturePass address, for ROOT token withdrawals. This precaution ensures the secure and smooth transfer of ROOT tokens from the KuCoin platform.

Root Network serves as a unique Layer One solution, positioning itself as the central hub for the emerging open metaverse. Focused on promoting seamless connections between metaverse entities, Root Network integrates essential user experience (UX) and digital content protocols. The aim is to enhance asset interoperability and user engagement within the open metaverse landscape.

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