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Direct investment

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Through our partners

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Are you passionate about connecting with communities and inspiring others? Do you have deep knowledge about blockchain and the vast potential of Web3? Coinbold, the leading media partner for premier blockchain and crypto events worldwide, is seeking collaborations with influential KOLs in this space!

Why Partner with Coinbold:

  • Participate in fundraising and investment projects for promising Web3 projects.
  • Share the opportunity, profit with Coinbold.
  • Gain access to exclusive resources and opportunities.

KOL Requirements

  • Minimum 10k social media followers or own a community.
  • Have deep expertise in your field.

Discounted Fee for KOLs in Project Investments

Becoming a part of Coinbold’s network, KOLs enjoy exclusive incentives: free participation in investment projects, for investments under $5k. And enjoy attractive discounted fees like other strategic partners when investing more.

Fixed chargeFlexible fees
AmountEthereumOther chain
< $5k0%Exclusively for KOLs
$5k-20k6%$30 per vesting, calculated by project$10 per vesting, calculated by project
> $50k4%

If you are interested and want to join us, please contact us through the button below, thank you very much.

Contact via Telegram