Jito Labs’ Upcoming Airdrop, Token Claim, And What to Expect

Solana’s MEV infrastructure developer, Jito Labs, has released guidelines for its upcoming airdrop distribution.

Out of the 10% airdrop share (100 million JTO), 15% (15 million) is designated for Jito-Solana validators, 5% (500 thousand) for Jito MEV searchers, and 80% (80 million) for JitoSOL users (holding a minimum of 100 points before November 25, 2023).

Users can now confirm their Solana wallet address eligibility.

Upon airdrop commencement, they can initiate the JTO token collection via the official website.

The airdrop claim window unlocks on December 7th, 2023, at 11 am ET (Token Generation Date).

For Jito-Solana validators, the process involves using an open-source CLI to claim both unlocked and locked tokens from the Token Generation Date.

Validators must sign the transaction with their identity keypair, and the JTO tokens will be deposited into an Associated Token Account linked to each validator’s identity.

50% of the token allocation will be available at genesis, with the remaining 50% unlocking gradually over 12 months, vesting from the Token Generation Date.

Eligible recipients have an 18-month window from the Token Generation Date to claim their JTO tokens.

Any unclaimed tokens after this period will automatically transfer to the DAO treasury’s Realms wallet.

An exception to the airdrop is applied to all past and current core contributors. This includes core contributor wallets holding JitoSOL, validators operated by core contributors, and gold wire operated by core contributors Finch Searchers, as core contributors don’t partake in MEV and are excluded from the JTO airdrop.

Jito Labs claims that it is on a mission to alleviate the adverse effects of maximum extractable value on Solana.

Itenvisions empowering community members through the Jito Network’s decision-making.

Nearly 30% of Solana’s stake flows through the Jito Labs client, and presently, over 40% of the Solana network’s stake weight engages with the Jito MEV network of validators.

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