Is 3AC Su Zhu Out of Prison, Plotting a Big Move with OPNX?

A wallet linked to Su Zhu, co-founder of Three Arrows Capital (3AC), recently saw movement for the first time following months of dormancy since his arrest. Etherscan records unveiled multiple transactions involving ERC-20 tokens to and from an address labelled suzhu.eth on Nov. 29.

One notable outgoing transaction involved 3.75 million Gearbox (GEAR) tokens valued at under $30,000. This transfer occurred to the CoW Protocol, shortly after the tokens arrived in suzhu.eth’s possession.

In a separate move, suzhu.eth transferred 1 billion SUZHU tokens to Uniswap V2. Although the SUZHU token holds no value per Etherscan, Uniswap data reported a trading volume of $6,274 for the ETH-SUZHU pair within a 24-hour period ending at 11:00 PM UTC on Nov. 29.

Before this recent activity, Su Zhu’s wallet had remained inactive since Sept. 21, just days before his arrest in Singapore on Sept. 29. Su Zhu received a four-month prison sentence, and while there’s no record of conviction, a committal order allowed authorities to detain him due to non-cooperation with Three Arrows Capital’s liquidator, Teneo.

The current status of Su Zhu’s situation remains uncertain, leaving questions about the nature of these transactions. The ambiguity suggests various possibilities, including Zhu’s potential release, internet access during imprisonment, delegation of wallet control, or automated interactions with DeFi platforms.

Su Zhu was seen online recently:

Though Su Zhu hasn’t explicitly claimed ownership of the wallet, data from Arkham Intelligence points to its association with him. The transactions’ legitimacy remains under scrutiny amidst this legal backdrop.

After all these happened, in the past 24 hours, OPNX dropped hints on X (formerly Twitter), fueling speculations:

Could it be tied to Su Zhu’s release from prison? Is Su Zhu secretly orchestrating a massive comeback through OPNX? This has all the markings of a gripping saga about to unfold—talk about anticipation and high-stakes intrigue!

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