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Signature Ventures

Signature Ventures operates as an early-stage venture capital fund with an emphasis on investing in blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and Web3 technology. The fund’s mission is to back extraordinary founders who are at the helm of crafting the structure of the forthcoming generation of the internet – an open, secure, and privacy-focused platform.

Key information about Signature Ventures:

  1. Investment Focus:
    • Blockchain and Web3: Signature Ventures primarily invests in startups and projects that are leveraging blockchain technology and Web3 solutions.
    • Distributed Ledger Technology: The fund also supports companies working on distributed ledger technology, which includes various decentralized systems and platforms.
  2. Founding Partners and Expertise:
    • Juliane Hahn: Juliane Hahn is one of the founding partners of Signature Ventures. She brings extensive experience in venture capital investments and deep expertise in blockchain technology.
    • Dr. Georg Stricker: Dr. Georg Stricker is another founding partner of Signature Ventures. He combines a strong track record in venture capital investments with deep knowledge of blockchain technology.
  3. Investment Stage and Global Focus:
    • Early-stage Investments: Signature Ventures focuses on investing in early-stage startups, ranging from pre-seed to Series A, with a particular emphasis on Europe.
    • Global Reach: While the fund has a focus on Europe, it also invests globally, seeking out promising projects and teams from around the world.
  4. Ecosystem Collaboration:
    • Extensive Network: Signature Ventures collaborates closely with an extensive ecosystem of key players in the blockchain industry, including other venture capital firms, corporates, academia, and various stakeholders.
    • Empowering Pioneers: With their deep expertise in technology, company building, and legal matters, Signature Ventures aims to empower the pioneers who are driving the paradigm shift towards a decentralized future.


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